Friday, June 30, 2017

PC POST #356: It's official! The Punisher will use the War Machine armor!

The upcoming "Legacy" brand of Marvel will make some changes to a few Marvel characters and guess what, Frank Castle aka the Punisher will be one of them.

Last week Marvel teased us with a fantastic cover by Tim Bradstreet when we see War Machine wearing the Punisher skull in his chest, it wasn't difficult to guess that this guy should be Frank Castle and not the original War Machine, James Rhodes.

When i thought this could be some sort of tribute to Iron Man #282, today, Marvel leaked on the web the list of the upcoming books under the Legacy brand that will start in September and there is the name on the list: The Punisher #218, Frank Castle: War Machine.

All the Punisher ongoing runs were renumbered and Marvel will do what they did in the past. At least it will make us feel that this is part of the continuity from the old runs.

Cover by Tim Bradstreet
Personally i'm excited for this new change, even if it's just for a few issues or just an ongoing. On the other hand this can be a two sided blade for the writer of picks up this book.

This will be part of the main Marvel Universe, the Punisher will have a "boost" in terms of firepower, the writer has to respect and be faithful to what the character represents, Frank Castle has to damage or at least shake the Marvel Universe with this new "power". Maybe i'm asking too much and deep down i don't believe he is going to kill a main villain but i don't see any other alternative.
If this was going to be in an alternative universe it should be an easy task, being the main Marvel Universe i have no doubt that this will be one of the most difficult tasks a writer had to do with the character. Being faithful and know how to manage the character with this new power.

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  1. Why fuck up a perfectly good punisher with a gay ass suit of bullshit armor?!?

    1. Jason probably because they want to give relevance to the character in Marvel Universe and hit major villains and terrorist organizations. Something with his basic gear he couldn't have accomplished.

  2. Why is it punisher #218 ? There's no #217...