Friday, August 10, 2018

New Site. New Mission.

TL;DR version:

Punisher Central has a new site: No more articles will be posted on this blogspot, but it will remain for archival purposes.

Long version:

Hello fellow Punisher Central readers!

Thank you for all your years of support and readership on the Punisher Central blogspot.

My name is Eric Nguyen and I'm the latest addition to the Punisher Central team.

As a former reader, Punisher Central has definitely served as THE most informative and reliable source for me for much that I was finally driven to join up with the always reliable solo-operator Ivo Santos to see what we could do together.

My first act as a Punisher Central team member was setting up a new, organized site for Punisher Central, (CHECK IT OUT HERE! one where news, updates and features could be found through easy navigation. This will serve as the NEW site for Punisher Central news, articles and updates and old reliable here will be put into retirement.

Along with the new site is a new mission for Punisher Central to be THE preeminent Punisher source. We want to be the first in breaking new stories, to be clear and entertaining in our reviews and hype building as well as a welcome home and educational source for grizzled Frank veterans and newcomers alike. With our hard work and the readership that will follow (thank you!), we hope to attract the attention of those directly involved with the creation of the stories and visuals of The Punisher and create exclusive features for you all. Read up on the mission statement here:

Again, thank you for the years of readership and hope to see you on the new site. Comment on articles and let us know what you think!

- Eric

Thursday, August 2, 2018

PC POST #408: -NEWS- A Possible NEW Villain Might be Revealed!

It's been a while since we had some bit of news regarding Marvel's the Punisher season 2. Last time we knew something regarding the series was a few weeks ago that they were filming in Albany, NY.

Five days ago Robbie DeRaffele posted the upcoming image on Instagram where he is with Jon Bernthal.

After a careful look on IMDB, Robbie DeRafelle was cast as "Vor" in Marvel's the Punisher season 2. And for the look of his build ( 6'7", 225lbs) he might play the role of a big Punisher villain. Some rumors even say that he can be an adaptation to the Russian.
So far, there wasn't any announcement from Marvel regarding the cast of  DeRafelle's or what will be his role in the upcoming season but with everything we are seeing, it would be a waste if they didn't use him as a villain.

There is no eta for the release of the Punisher season 2, but I believe we will have it streaming on Netflix during the first semester of 2019.

Article by Ivo Santos (@ivomgs)