Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PC POST #261: -REVIEW- PUNISHER #20 (Last Issue)


The last issue of this series is out and the creative team end it with a bang!

This is the conclusion of the "Last Days" of the Punisher during the End of the World. For the people who don't know the Ultimate Universe (1610) and the Marvel Universe (616) will collide and destroying each other.

The Punisher will spent his last days punishing bad guys, last issue he wasted some villains from Marvel Universe and declared war to a terrorist cell named Black Dawn that are executing american hostages and one of them was Tom ( check out issue 7 & 8) a former associate of Frank's. 

After some kick ass action from last issue, the pace of this one is still action packed.

We see Frank get rid of dozens of Black Dawn members in many ways possible.
Edmondson show us a compressed story 2 part story that what only matters is the punishment he inflicts to the enemy and Frank does it flawlessly.
Make no mistake this was a senseless mission that what only matter was punishment.
Frank knew what was expecting him when tried to put down this organization and things went smoothly as he planned as his last mission in the Universe 616.
Mitch Gerads visuals are very impressive as always, i fear that i have nothing more to add about his astonishing visuals and "storytelling" in the way he makes his artwork tell the story for us. Even if one of us couldn't read, we couldn't understand perfectly what is happening. His artwork tells the story for itself.

My only complaint is some loose ends Frank didn't punished. If you have read this run you will know what i'm talking about... But on the other side, the world will go to kingdom come, they will get what they deserved.

OVERALL RATE : 7 out of 10

*Next week: A restrospective of this run! 

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Friday, July 17, 2015


So this is it... Last issue of the Punisher by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads to be released next wednesday on 20th of July.

As the preview shows, we will keep seeing an action packed Punisher story, can't wait to read it.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

PC POST #259: -UPDATE- Jon Bernthal Spotted On Set as the Punisher!

Despite the bad quality and blurry photos, according to Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty), he shared some pictures of Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle.
It looks like we are going to see Frank Castle with a jarhead cut. 

Here goes a new update to the post!

What do you think about his look? 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PC POST #258: -REVIEW- Secret Wars Journal #3 & Ultimate's End #3 (Punisher Appearences)

This week was fairly decent for the Punisher fans, and we can't complaint about the Punisher appearences in Secret Wars, which has been a constant and in my opinion with a very decent quality.

Ultimate End and Secret Wars have been a very solid story arcs in this event. But the Punisher has been very present in the Ultimate End since the first issue.

After the breakout from Ryker prison, Frank is going to his warehouse to get his weapons back and get ready for war but he was surprised by other Frank... Only one survived.

This issue had good things, the Punisher get rid of the entire Wrecking Crew and got his crosshairs in Bombshell head, don't know why, she's one of the good guys...
Don't know what Bendis is doing in this issue but for moments i thought i was reading some sort of psychotic portrayal, he seems very unstable.
Don't know what to expect from this, but i really hope he doesn't start shooting heroes.


 Who Killed Tony Stark?

By far the best short Punisher appearence this week.

What if Wolverine and Punisher from Noir realm team up to solve Tony Stark assassination?

Great story written by Tieri, it's a crime story when the Punisher get rid of two two villains. He is investigating some terrorists who escaped from their realm and one of them is responsible for the death of Stark.

I can't say nothing more without spoilers, all i can say is about how good this was and how engaging these two characters were in this story.

Sadly this story ended in this issue but i get the feeling this could have been a solid miniseries that i would have definetely wanted to read.


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