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The penultimate issue of Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads it's nothing less than a wonderful issue!
The pace of the story is perfect. Very straightforward issue, no internal conflicts and we have a Punisher very focused on his new mission.

He is like a terminator, executing terrorists at sight with a massive body count and playing with some toys the Howling Commandos lent.
The only let down was the fact that we couldn't see a bit more how he killed all those villains in the "Bar with no Name", they leave it to the readers imagination how that happened.

Mitch Gerads artwork in this issue was flawless! I can risk to say that this is his best work in this run.
I really liked how he balanced the background colors with the action scenes, it's definitely a masterpiece.

This IS the Punisher. I recommend this issue for every Punisher fan, Can't wait for the final issue.

OVERALL RATE: 9 out of 10

Friday, June 19, 2015


• One of the Punisher’s allies falls. Someone’s picked the wrong fight.
• The Punisher steps back into a War Zone.
• Frank Castle is out for punishment, but the clock is ticking…

This issue will be released next week, 24th of June.

So what do we have here, one of Frank's ally is going to be executed... My guess is that it's Tom ( from Punisher #7 and #8). The guy was still active in the marines and make every sense that he gets captured and make a reference to the Punisher.

I would love to see the Punisher wasting all those villains in detail instead of a single panel with the "Bar with no Name" in flames. It would only take a page or so nothing more. I hope we can still see this.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

PC POST #255: -ARTICLE- Essential Punisher & Daredevil

After the great feedback all over the web about the casting of Jon Bernthal as the next Punisher, i remembered to do an article that could help all the fans of the show, know a little bit more about their relationship.

To me the upcoming books are essential to know about this two characters, what are their motivations and what separate them, specially about how they deal with crime.


Daredevil #182-#184

This books marks the first time these two characters met each other. By the writer Frank Miller and the artist Klaus Janson this classic story marks one of the best written between these two character.
And it could fit perfectly in the upcoming season 2 of Daredevil.

Both characters are tracking down who is poisoning the kids with a new drug called "Angel Dust", Frank Miller not only explores the motivations of these two characters as he show us how different they are when it comes to fighting crime.


Punisher #10 / Daredevil #257

Another great story written by Mike Baron ( Punisher) and Ann Nocenti ( Daredevil).

These books explores the two points of view of both characters in their book. Again both Baron and Nocenti explored flawlessly the differences between these characters and their morals when they are fighting crime.

The story is about an ex-employee of a pharmaceutical laboratory that is killing people with an aspiryn produced by his last firm. His nickname was "Aspirin Killer".
Another great arc that could fit the Daredevil tv series and it's a must have for fans of both characters. 

The funny thing is that this story was covered decades after by Greg Rucka in his Punisher run.

Artwork by John Romita Jr. (1988)

Artwork by Marco Chechetto (2012)


Daredevil vs Punisher: Means and Ends #1-#6 (2005)

Another great example of the stories that could be imported to Daredevil netflix series, this one is one of my favorites almost at the same level as the Frank Miller story. This one was written, drawed and colored by David Lapham.

Means and Ends is so good because of the great plot and how it mixes other characters from Marvel Universe into this storyline like the Hammerhead, The Jackal and Bushwacker.

Hammerhead and Jackal took over the New York criminal empire while Kingpin is in jail. While Daredevil is trying to gather evidences to put these characters in jail, on the otherside is the Punisher trying to destroy them and put them down for good.
Another great arc the show us the contrast between these two characters and an epic fight at the end of this issue that is nothing less than LEGENDARY.


Marvel Knights 1-15 (2000)

Now for change a little bit this is a good example how they can work together when it's needed... If Frank can "work" in a team, this one makes sense.
The Punisher was always the wildcard but it worked and Chuck Dixon make everything work like a swiss watch.
Great stories written by Chuck Dixon that gave us a gritty and realistic tone within the Marvel Universe.

I would like to see a tv series based in Marvel Knights.


Omega Effect 3 part event: Avenging Spider-Man #6 / Punisher #10 and Daredevil #11

This arc was really good, it was a three part event that both characters wanted to defend the Omega Drive from terrorist organizations in Marvel Universe.

The Punisher wanted to keep it, because this device has vital information from the top criminal empire operating in marvel universe like HYDRA and A.I.M. The Punisher with this kind of intel would put these organizations down for good. 


Another great story that we see both Daredevil and Punisher working very well in a common objective. This storyline isn't the Spider-Man we all know, it's Doctor Octopus that possessed his mind and has control of his body.

Superior Spider-Man was betrayed in his own "organization" and the Punisher is looking for his custom glyder. Very entertaining story by David Yost and the wonderful artwork by Marco Checchetto. 

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PC POST #254: Jon Bernthal As the Punisher in Daredevil Season 2

I guess someone from Marvel have read all the fuss by the fans demanding the Punisher appearence in Daredevil series... It was almost inevitable...

But finally it was confirmed by Marvel, Jon Bernthal will be the next Punisher and he will be featuring in Daredevil's season 2 !

Jon as "Shane" in Walking Dead was one of my top 3 favorite characters, so i can imagine him as doing a great work as the Punisher.

Jeph Loeb said: “Jon Bernthal brings an unmatched intensity to every role he takes on, with a potent blend of power, motivation and vulnerability that will connect with audiences, Castle’s appearance will bring dramatic changes to the world of Matt Murdock and nothing will be the same.” -Marvel

It seems they have a plan for him, with right portrayal and good script he can be THE PUNISHER. Altough he needs to train a bit to get perfectly shaped for the role. I bet someone is already taking care of this.

He would never think of him, but i'm pretty much happy with as the Punisher.

Great picture, with the without a doubt the best Punisher of the last 15 years by Garth Ennis.

Hey Jon Bernthal! Look at this one too!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PC POST #253: -ARTICLE- The Punisher's BattleVan ( Some 1980s Punisher Nostalgia )

I first started reading Punisher comics in the mid to late 80's. At that time in the Punisher's history, he had a lot more resources to draw on than he does in current continuity. Even now I look back on the  early issues of The Punisher and Punisher War Journal and miss those times and stories even if they may not seem realistic by today's standards.

The thing that made those stories work was the time period they came out in.  In the 1980s, LE did not have the hi-tech ability to find people and the Feds did not have satellites and drones.  It was not out of the questions that clever few guys could set up dummy business and accumulate all they needed with the millions of dollars Frank took from dead drug dealers.   The safe house abandoned warehouses was another aspect of those times I loved and still miss now.
In those days, Frank had his partner Microchip as his Intel and armorer to get him what he needed and outfit his safe houses and training areas as well as help finding targets and avoiding the less sympathetic police agencies wanting to bring him in.

One of the best things from that time is the battlevan.  Frank's transport and weapons platform. Also serving as a  a computer station and sleeping quarters at times.  The van played a major part in many stories. with a couple of other vehicles standing in at times for special mission.  One mission was The Punisher hunting down a serial killer of cab drivers.   Turns out the killer was a woman raped by a cab driver and was now out to kill them all.  Frank was some what sympathetic. but he still killed her.

Another story was an early War Journal issue where Punisher raids a crack house and the antagonist of the book tries to break into the Van.   They fail over and over and when he does get in, he sets off the booby trap.  The van was almost a character in itself in the issue and it was a favorite of mine.

A few times the van was upgraded with heavier weaponry and armor  for special mission and even once made to be a small airplane. But it seemed to always get destroyed for the most part.  Frank is hard on his equipment.

I may be alone, but I think it is a shame that we probably will not see those days again. Current writers seem to like the idea of Frank being constantly on the run and living in flea bite apartments with very little gear beyond the bare minimum.  I think its a little bit of a mistake. Frank is smart and there is no reason why he would not have some of the safe houses left in NJ.   Sure most were destroyed in the events of the last few issues of the 3 original book's runs, but comics are retconned all the time.   Of course, to go with the vans and safe houses, Frank needs a side kick like Micro' again.  Punisher always does better with some one to interact with.  Not some one trying to talk him out of what he is doing, but some one who understands but also considers him a comrade , thought the friendship can not be returned equally. The Punisher is The Punisher after all.

We are probably not going to see a return of the Battlevan and safe houses in New Jersey anytime soon in the 616, but I like to look back and remember the excellent 80s stories. When the stories were written by guys who understood Frank and how his stories should go.

Monday, June 1, 2015

PC POST #252: [UPDATED] -ARTICLE- Punisher Notable Kills In MU 616

It's been awhile since i created an article by myself and here is a good opportunity to do it.

This idea came out after i read this article that says that the Punisher has killed four heroes, one neutral and thirty-four villains.
Personally i don't remember that Frank killed four heroes, he barely kills villains in the current MU. I would love to read some explanations by the site that published that infographic. 
This infographic is wrong in any possible way and the Punisher kills ascend more than what they have count. 

Specially in the "notable kills" section that is what this article is about.

So, let's go for the notable kills. It is featured in this infographic just three but it's more. 
Notable kills to me are established villains that were featured in other books, not common thugs or crime lords that appeared in the Punisher comics.


This one was already counted by that infographic.


During Civil War, Spider-Man was being hunted down by Jester and Jack O' Lantern, old villains that cut a deal with SHIELD to hunt down those who were against the registration act. 

The Punisher saved Spider-Man. This scene appear in Punisher War Journal #1 and Civil War #5.


Another case of ex-villains but this time they wanted to join forces with Captain America.

War Journal #02 and Civil War #06


There are a lot of villains in this story. These villains are together to mourn Stilt Man, only two survived the explosion.



He was a villain that first appeared on Fantastic Four issue and he is a clone of Adolph Hitler. Tried to built a small army of nazis but the Punisher destroyed his all organization. And unfortunately this guy built a Hate-Machine that brainwash Frank to kill an innocent. Taty the girlfriend of Stuart Clarke aka Rampage. To me one of the most major flaws in this whole run by Matt Fraction.

War Journal #11

Former Spider-Man villain.

Punisher #7


Punisher #10
Punisher #10


Desguised as Beast. Punisher #08


Punisher #08

(James Natale)

Punisher #3


Punisher #11

Brother of Elektra and Terrorist.


Angel of Vengeance who sided with Lucifer

Here is a full list of past Punisher villains that were killed:
Alaric, Sniper, Saracen, The Rev, Recoil, Snakebite, Yo Yo Ng, Blackwell, Carbone's Assassins ( Cane, Stilletto, Combat, Tequilla, Garrote and Roc), Bosephus, Killer B, Heathen, Mortician, Mondo Pain.
General Kreigkopf, Lady Gorgon, Johnny Nightmare, The Russian, Ma Gnucci, Jaten and Microchip,

From my count there is 41 kills but i didn't count anyone from the z-rated bar. The math is simple... Not only Frank has more notable kills than mentioned in the article than he has far more than the 34 kills. 


By this time you already know that there is no universe 616, it was destroyed when it collapsed with the Earth 1610 (Ultimate's), but in the last days, the Punisher did what it does best, punish criminals. And he hunted down the major villains of Marvel universe when they were partying while seeing in the TV to their enemies failing to protect the earth.

The Punisher intercepted an email sent by Kingping, inviting other villains for this big party for the End of the World, of course Frank make himself a guest too but only to anticipate their "end of the world".

Secret Wars #1

Punisher #19

Punisher #19

Every villain in this bar was destroyed by the Punisher. Confirmed villains like Kingpin, Sandman, Absorbing Man, Bullseye and Scorpion. Probably there were more but i can't confirm that.

If i make a recount with these deaths, the Punisher increased to 46 Notable Kills in Marvel Universe 616.

Do you agree with this list? Make the comments below!

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