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PC POST #194: -REVIEWS-SSM Team up #10 & Thunderbolts #22

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(W)Kevin Shinick(A)Marco Chechetto
Spock ( Spider-Man/Doc Ock) isn't dealing really well with the betrayal in his own nest. He was suprise by most of his henchmen suround him and wanted to kill him.

Daredevil and Punisher are helping him to survive. 

Like the previous issue Frank is very active on this one and do what he does best... killing scum. I really liked this portrayed Frank from Shinick. He's a talker like in Edmondson run and like his ongoing Frank got charisma. 

There are a lots of good moments like Frank shooting Spidey's henchmen blind by a flash grenade and specially when he recover "his" glider (very well equipped with government missile drones and with a skull on the center) and destroyed a giant spider robot built by Spock. He saved both Daredevil and Spider-Man to be drowned. 

Marco Checchetto really did like always a great job in this issue. He's one of my favorite Punisher artists for the moment.



Thunderbolts are in Hell making deals with Mephisto to get out of there and give a new home to Mercy. But they have something to do first take out Guido from the throne of king of Hell... While Punisher and Elektra are fighting a brutal Mercy asking questions about the rest of the crew!

Since this new arc began we can see that major improvements have been made in this book. Not only Charles Soule writing is more solid and the artwork has been really good since Barberi is on board.
Don't know why but normally last issues of the arcs written by Soule it happens that i like them a lot and this one it's another of that issues!

I was expecting a bit more from the fight with Rulk and Guido (aka Strong Guy). Yeah he is a good guy, but i thought i would seen a brutal fight between these two. 
While some are fighting in Hell others(Punisher & Elektra) are fighting for their lives when they are facing Mercy. This battle was really good.

Great turn of events when Mephisto was completely owned by the Leader's when he make some important changes in the deal and saved the day... Mercy was pulled to hell and Deadpool recovers an interesting feather that restored Frank's health when he was about to losing his life due to the beat he received from Mercy and to take most of the damaged when he and Elektra fall down due to Mercy disappearence to Hell. 

Interesting homage that Soule make to a certain Punisher run... 

I think i'm beggining to understand this book a lot better and this was definetely a lot better than the previous issues.


ARC RATING: 3.5 / 5 

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By: @ivomgs 
(I will try to keep it spoiler free as possible)

After two weeks since the relauch of this title we are gifted with another GREAT issue!

Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads keeps surprising me in every issue, they are doing "new" stuff with the character and until now they are executing it flawlessly! The pace is great and the action is top notch. Everything that a Punisher book should have. This could serve as a 101 for newcomers!

In this issue we will learn that Dos Soles are making business with A.I.M. and they acquired from them a "weapon" to conquer the city.
We can count for further developments in the supporting cast and an addition to the cast in these case a PET.
I liked how Nathan and Mitch "explained" how Frank is operating in L.A. and probably no one from the the diner know at least for sure that Frank is the Punisher. It makes sense and it's really cool. I really love it.
We got a glimpse how the Howling Commandos will track Frank, probably they will... next issue.

Nathan keeps exploring really well this "social" Frank and his relationship with others and now with his pet! I really like how Frank was surprised by this "weapon" and how unprepared he were "apparently" for it.
Mitch artwork is really good and he did a wonderful job in the actions scenes in the shootout with the gangs and in the final pages with this new "weapon".

Nathan and Mitch are the perfect match for this book, Nathan for the good plot he is building and Mitch for giving life to the words of Nathan. I hope they continue to deliver this quality to all the fans. I couldn't give less than this kind of rating, these guys are really good. I'm being impressed every issue!



By: @Neil4LOST

So just two weeks after the re-launch of a new self-titled Punisher book fans are treated to issue #2 of the series. Most of what readers are exposed to from Nathan Edmonson is right on par from the first issue. There is a crime group out of L.A. called, "Dos Soles" and they are taking steps to strike back at Frank Castle before he becomes too much of a threat to their operations.

There are a few things that Edmondson does really well in this issue. The first is that readers get a little bit of a backstory on why Frank left New York and how long his journey out west has taken. It is helpful in setting the context for this new Punisher series and it is taken care of very early in this issue. Then there is the fact that Edmondson is introducing readers to a new type of Punisher. He is just as deadly and dedicated but his demeanor and character is much more human and relatable. I wonder if this is due to pressures at Marvel to change the character to make Punisher a character that mainstream comic readers will engage with. I am not 100 percent sure that his character is quite there yet but if Edmondson continues on the path he is going I could definitely see this Punisher being a fresh take on the character and one that Marvel would be able to work with in the future. Lastly, the action in this issue is handled well and it provides for some great moments that lead up to the twist at the end of the issue.

As far as art goes, the book isnt pretty but it gets the job done and it provides a proper feel for the story and its setting. I like how Frank is drawn but environments and action leaves a lot to be desired.

                                                     OVERALL RATING: 4.0 / 5

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Here we are for one more week with PUNISHMENT as far as i can tell the first issue was really good, one of the best #1's i've seen since i know the character. This month we have only one more issue we have to wait until 19th of Feb. next wednesday!

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(W)Nathan Edmondson (A+C) Mitch Gerads

Written by: @Ivo

I couldn't ask for a better portrayal of Frank Castle (The Punisher). Finally someone understood how to make this right.
It's refreshing to see Frank interact with people in a "lighter" mood and without one or two words. Frank is "human" again thanks to Nathan Edmondson.

This Punisher has the better of every incarnation i know... He is classy (interacts with people, like the Punisher from the 90's) and when he is hunting he can be brutal and precise like he was portrayed by Ennis and Rucka,
This is a best of... and all credit goes to Edmondson, he discovered the right formula to make this work flawlessly.

I really liked the action scenes, wasting "Danny Trejo" and giving him to the crocks, capturing criminals in broad daylight and wasting cartels with a rocket launcher it's pretty much what we have in here and believe me it's really amazing how fast paced the action is.
We have a plus here we know who will be the supporting cast for the upcoming issues and we will know who are the big guys linked to the government that will be hunting Frank. It's a great surprise!

The art from Mitch is perfect for this book. The colors and design of the characters and the "tone" of the book is amazing... He really nailed it. Mitch's artwork can almost tell the story by itself. 

I hope this book keeps running for a long time...

OVERAL RATING: 4.5 out of 5


Written by: @neil4LOST

Getting to crack open a new Punisher title for me is like getting to walk in to a candy store. The measure of anticipation and excitement goes through the roof and each page is savored and patiently absorbed.

I have personally been very unhappy as of late with how Frank Castle has been treated by the Marvel U. For quite some time I have felt that they have slowly been on a path of eliminating him as a prospective stand-alone title. When this series was announced I was pleased that they were still willing to take a chance with the character. Now...leading up to the launch of the book I have been curious about this "All-New" direction...moving Punisher out west and away from the scenery that he has been so close to for decades.

As I closed the last page of this first issue however, I was pleased by the overall mix that Edmonson and Gerads provided in setting up Frank up in a new location but also keeping a familiar tone and presence to his character.

Edmondson's approach seems to be a Punisher that is a mix of different eras. It has a bit of Rucka mixed with Ennis and that balance seems to hit the nail right on the head.

So as we move on to the next issue I am holding my breath...this could be one of the best Punisher titles that Castle fans have seen in quite some time.

 OVERAL RATING: 4.0 out of 5


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Thunderbolts were sent (mistakenly) to hell by Ghost Rider who missed his own spell and sent the team instead of Mercy.
They will try to find ways to go back but things will be far more difficult than what they thought... They have to make a deal and beat the guy who is now in charge of Hell.
Meanwhile Frank and Elektra are in the bench, Elektra gets a new intel of a guy to eliminate a mid boss criminal and invites Frank to help her... In the field and ready to began the mission, someone appears and beat Elektra up without effort, she's asking questions about the other members... Guess who?

Another entertaining issue delivered by Charles Soule. Since this arc began by the new imprint of MarvelNOW this book improved the quality... a LOT! 

I really dig the dialogues between the characters and the characters itself both are very well built. This second issue of this arc lose a bit of action (comparing to issue #20) but was more richer storywise.

About the arc, i'm really digging the art of Carlo Barberi and the colors by Israel Silva. I can risk to say that this is the best art team this book has seen!

The cover is simply amazing the art is very similar to Barberi's but it was done by Greg Land & Andres Mossa. Really good work!

I really liked the part when the Leader writes down the deal and Deadpool is the notary! I think Deadpool as "the notary man" has done something that will "save" the team in the end with this shadowy deal.

Another thing to mention is the dialog between Venom and Ghost Rider about the team, GR seems interested in the way the team "works" together. 

I would like to see some Elektra and Punisher action at least dealing with some thugs but the mission were interrupted by someone far more dangerous... I'm looking forward to see the next issue.


*As some of you have noticed the reviews are being a bit late than usual, normally i can write down in 2/3 days max since the release and for this review it's been a week. 
I will continue to review this book until the end of this arc. I'm a bit tight of free time so i have decided that i will focus my attention to the new Punisher run by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. I will keep follow Thunderbolts but don't expect reviews regularly. Sorry for the inconvenient.

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