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PC POST #194: -REVIEWS-SSM Team up #10 & Thunderbolts #22

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(W)Kevin Shinick(A)Marco Chechetto
Spock ( Spider-Man/Doc Ock) isn't dealing really well with the betrayal in his own nest. He was suprise by most of his henchmen suround him and wanted to kill him.

Daredevil and Punisher are helping him to survive. 

Like the previous issue Frank is very active on this one and do what he does best... killing scum. I really liked this portrayed Frank from Shinick. He's a talker like in Edmondson run and like his ongoing Frank got charisma. 

There are a lots of good moments like Frank shooting Spidey's henchmen blind by a flash grenade and specially when he recover "his" glider (very well equipped with government missile drones and with a skull on the center) and destroyed a giant spider robot built by Spock. He saved both Daredevil and Spider-Man to be drowned. 

Marco Checchetto really did like always a great job in this issue. He's one of my favorite Punisher artists for the moment.



Thunderbolts are in Hell making deals with Mephisto to get out of there and give a new home to Mercy. But they have something to do first take out Guido from the throne of king of Hell... While Punisher and Elektra are fighting a brutal Mercy asking questions about the rest of the crew!

Since this new arc began we can see that major improvements have been made in this book. Not only Charles Soule writing is more solid and the artwork has been really good since Barberi is on board.
Don't know why but normally last issues of the arcs written by Soule it happens that i like them a lot and this one it's another of that issues!

I was expecting a bit more from the fight with Rulk and Guido (aka Strong Guy). Yeah he is a good guy, but i thought i would seen a brutal fight between these two. 
While some are fighting in Hell others(Punisher & Elektra) are fighting for their lives when they are facing Mercy. This battle was really good.

Great turn of events when Mephisto was completely owned by the Leader's when he make some important changes in the deal and saved the day... Mercy was pulled to hell and Deadpool recovers an interesting feather that restored Frank's health when he was about to losing his life due to the beat he received from Mercy and to take most of the damaged when he and Elektra fall down due to Mercy disappearence to Hell. 

Interesting homage that Soule make to a certain Punisher run... 

I think i'm beggining to understand this book a lot better and this was definetely a lot better than the previous issues.


ARC RATING: 3.5 / 5 



  1. Thunderbolts is amazing! There is no way I could give it less than 5/5. This team is as badass as they come and I am excited for each character to get to their deal. The art in this particular issue was terrific, though I thought there was an opportunity missed to capture some neat background shots of the crazy things that must happen in hell. Love the books and the characters! Very cool for Ghost Rider to turn red at the end.

    1. I respect your comment but i think Thunderbolts is beggining to take good steps in the right direction.

      Let's hope Soule improve this book.

  2. I see that all those years of Frank learning on how to shoot a gun properly has been thrown at the window and shoot his handgun like dumbass gangster. I mean this is a trained Vietnam soldier with 36 years of combat experience who comes from a much different generation for god sakes and yet I still see some writers and artist doing that dumb shit with him... I guess they think there being cool and hip when they're really just out of touch with not only society and reality, but they have no clue to how real soldiers act and fire a weapon in actually combat. Do they think that just because he's a Marvel vigilante comic book character living in this day and age, that it's different with him????
    "They put the signs on top for a reason."

    Also, I hate it when they try to make the Punisher be like Batman by putting his skull symbol on everything.

    Leave it to Soule who thinks that horrible crappy Punisher run needed a reference, he's really getting desperate if he has to use that. Most Punisher fans (the smart ones) hated that crap.

    1. Agreed with aim comment.

      He customize the glider with a skull whats the big deal? Been there done that.

      Angelic Punisher was crap, but you don't seem to get the book yet. This is a comic book with humour and sometimes excessive. It's not for everyone's cup of tea, i agree.

      You don't have to laugh about it, i didn't. But Soule play with it and i'm okay with that.

      Your GOD Ennis have done the same in the beggining of his take with the Punisher.