Saturday, March 30, 2013

PC POST #133: Daniel Way says goodbye to Thunderbolts!

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Yesterday, CBR has release an exclusive interview announcing that Daniel Way will hand it off Thunderbolts on issue #11 and it will pass the torch to Charles Soule for two issues and on issue #14 a new creative team will take over the book.

Check full interview here

I was quite surprise for this announce at this time. It seems to me that this comic has been improved since issue #6 (the last arc on Kata Jaya) and this last issue was quite fine to me.

Yes, the action was slow during most of this run and this kind of team deserved non stop action but in issue #7 i got the feeling that Daniel Way were somewhat leading us to something bigger that we will see in the upcoming issues. I have to compliment Way in the characterization of Frank with only one complaint. I don't see Frank using an orangutan for shooting practice but i could live with that.

I wasn't a big fan of Way since his "Punisher vs Bullseye" but i think this last issues of Thunderbolts were a bit captivating, i'm expecting a great story in this current arc and definetely more action (please!).

Charles Soule will take over for two issues #12 and #13. In this interview we got an idea that he likes Frank very much, which is very good ! I hope he handle this book even for two issues the best way he can ( i'm sure he will.)

It seems that the Punisher will take the spotlight on issue #12!
Then we will wait for more news about the new creative team on issue #14.

I wish the best for Daniel Way future projects!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

PC POST #132: Thunderbolts #7 Review

post by @Ivo

Thunderbolts #7 

After the events of Kata Jaya, the Thunderbolts will go after "something" that Madman built on the island by submarine.

In the beggining of this comic we get some hint about CIA picking up some other activity besides the Thunderbolts and we see some folk from CIA talking with Captain America and asking him if he wants to take some credit about it. At this time we got a sense that sooner or later the Avengers and Thunderbolts might confront with each other in the future.

At the submarine we "sense" the environment is a little tense because of the "love triangle" (Punisher, Elektra and Deadpool). Ross knows about this and confronts Frank about it. While he was training in some kind of simulator and beating all kinds of Marvel villains ( really cool stuff).

Then we see Deadpool talking with the team except the Red Hulk and planning on attack him, they know that Ross didn't told them everything about this mission so they agree on forcing him to talk. Their plans went wrong and we see them in one page already beaten up, all over the place.

Ross told them that they are after some gamma bombs and they need to locate three brokers ( some people that Ross has been involved in the past. We know at the end of this issue that these people facilitated the purchase, transport and delivery of military grade ordnance to every major terrorist organization worldwide. Someone off panel has already capture these brokers and give them two choices: submission or death. Then we see some Dynamo machines gamma powered.

Good Stuff:

I think this issue was a major improvement comparing to the last issues, it was a little slow start but i believe that will lead to something bigger;

Daniel Way is doing a great job with the characters;

Phil Noto's art is amazing!;

This arc seems to be more interesting than the previous at least i felt that;

The Leader is becoming an interesting character, everyone one picking on him, but i like him;

The Punisher training in the simulator and fighting some Marvel villains was very interesting ( fanboy talking).

Need to be improved:

All the soap opera about Punisher-Elektra-Deadpool is a bit annoying i can understand why Daniel Way is doing it but i don't feel quite right about the relevance this will have for the story itself.

Attacking Ross wasn't a good idea, but at least i expected some panels with this fight. I know there wasn't anything special to see but it would be great seeing some action even if i saw my favorite character getting beaten up. Which we all saw the result.

We are constantly "traveling" to the past to explain something that is happen in the present and sometimes at least for me it turns out to be a bit confusing. When things could be more simple if explained in the correct order.

Either way this book will get my attention and it has everything to be succeeded.

Friday, March 22, 2013

PC POST #131: Punisher Kills Marvel Universe (Battles Review)

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Punisher Kills Marvel Universe
-Battles review by a Punisher fan-

Well first of all i'm a Punisher fan. But i don't consider myself  fanboy or anyone who could not face facts. 
So i will review the most controversy fights in this "What If..." story. 

To begin with i like the Garth Ennis Punisher but this one seems a bit edgy for my taste but this story was very entertaining and funny to read but i think that some character are a bit underated.

For everyone who didn't read this story it's in an alternate world when Frank's family were killed by the superheroes while they were fighting with the Skrull and Brood alien races. His family was just caught in the crossfire... 

Punisher vs Cyclops 

The Punisher could hand Cyclops in this situation, because Cyclops wouldn't expect that Castle could react this way and if Castle could draw fast enough (which i believe so) he could shot Cyclops.
Castle wins by the element of surprise. I will brand this as Believable.

Right after shooting Cyclops, Castle attacks the other group of superheroes... In this image i see Hawkeye and Jubilee been shot, once again they were suprised by Castle actions. Believable.

Punisher vs Spider-Man and Venom


The only doubt i got in here is with Spider-Man if he could have been knocked out like Venom without a doubt the Punisher could kill him. I think Spidey could react more faster and prevent the Punisher from killing him instead of asking questions. So, for Venom death is Believable and Spider-Man Not Believable.

Punisher vs Hulk 

This is one of the most realistic deaths of a superhero in this comic, there is nothing to add the images explain itself. Frank put a tracer in the Hulk and awaited for Banner turn to his human self and then shot him. Believable.

Punisher vs Kingpin 

 Kingpin's got an incredible strenght but he is human and he is no match for bullets. Believable.

Punisher vs Dr.Doom

This one is a little difficult for me to decide, i can see the Punisher using a magnetic mine to explode Dr.Doom's face but how could he find the real Doom? I can see Doom underestimating Frank and face him by himself so i will brand this one as Believable.

Punisher vs Mutants

First of all Frank got himself a nuke in Latveria when he beat Dr.Doom. I can see him sending an invite for both factions "good" and "bad" mutants they could smell some sort of trap but they always go looking for it. But if this meeting were on the Moon, they should be in some sort of building for them to breathe, i don't believe they were in an open space. So i will go with the logical explanation, they were in an controled environment. Believable.

Punisher vs Wolverine 

 Frank found Wolverine drinking and wailing for his buddies and friends deaths. I don't know if the "state" drunk affects Wolverine even so i don't believe Frank could handle this guy hand to hand so easily, he is superior in strenght and definetley he couldn't just frying him and go away. To kill Wolverine he would need a Muramasa blade, drowning him, sending him into space without suit or probably throw him into a vulcano. I think Garth should had write this one a little better. By frying Wolverine, sooner his healing factor would kick in and he would be on his feet. Not Believable.

Punisher vs Captain America 

This one is a bit controversial too, i'm not a fan of Captain America and Frank got a point by comparing 'Nam with WW2. 'Nam was dirtier. Everyone knows that Frank works alone so i don't believe that Cap would have fall for this cheap trick. Frank stashing the weapon without Cap's notice, yes. Turning his back on Frank definetely not. Not Believable. 

Punisher vs Daredevil

Finally the last hero remain... Daredevil. When the Punisher found Daredevil he got himself beaten up. Daredevil is more agile and his inner senses are very sharp he moves like a ninja this battle couldn't have been won by hand to hand combat. Bullets weren't enough to stop him so Frank used his last resort and stab Daredevil. He was definetely surprised or he could avoid this. Believable.

And this is it guys, i hope you have enjoy it. Feel free to comment here, Facebook or twitter . 


PC POST #130: Thunderbolts #7 Preview

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Next week we got Thunderbolts #7 with Phil Noto's art! This drawings looks very smooth.

I hope the story keeps improving and i want more action in the upcoming arc!

Thunderbolts #7 preview

Monday, March 18, 2013

PC POST #129: Batman Vs Punisher(short fight)

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Hello everyone, i will dedicate this post to a short fight that was design by kazemanimate. In this fight will be featured Batman and Punisher.

This is not based on any adaptation comic, just the greatest detective vs. marvel deadliest vigilante.

Subscribe his channel and like the video, kazemanimate has said that when he reach a good sum of "likes" and viewers he will add Nightwing and Daredevil in this fight. This could be so epic!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

PC POST #128: The Punisher fan sites!

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I will dedicate this post for most Punisher fans that want to stay up-to-date about his favorite character. In the next lines i will post sites when you can talk with the community and gets TONS of information, videos, comics and fan stuff.


GPA (Global Punisher Army) - It's the best forum out there where you can talk about all things Punisher, there is a fine people out there. We will meet you there!

Punisher Body Count - This is the best punisher podcast on the internet, there is two great guys Jake and Dane that will talk about all things Punisher, recently they are releasing two episodes for month and they are streaming the show live!



For cool tributes look or subscribe these channels:

My personal page:

Another page from a cool guy from GPA:


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PC POST #127: Thunderbolts #6 Review

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For this review i will change the layout and trying to avoid all kinds of spoilers the best i can.

Thunderbolts #6 review

(W) Daniel Way
(A) Steve Dillon

After reading this issue, finally some things made some sense. I believe that this mission in Kata Jawa wasn't enough "excuse" for Ross to build this team, he could pretty well handle this by himself in my opinion.

The synergy between Frank and Wade was very entertaining and the line "Take that to the bank, Frank" was hilarious, finally i got some laugh by Deadpool lines.

Finally we know why the Leader were so important and why Ross choose to Kata Jawa, in the end it made some sense.

To conclude, i think Madman could give more trouble for the team but how the Leader deal with him was fine by me. I wanted to see more in battle from Madman and the others. Still there is something left to be explained: Why Ross wanted Elektra to be captured and why he revert to his human form while reviving the Leader with gamma power...

I will continue to follow this run but i hope the action and the plot improves a bit more in the next arc.

PLOT: 3/5
ART: 3/5



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PC POST #126: Thomas Jane Interview for ETonline!

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Yesterday ETonline, has publish an interview with Thomas Jane and he talked about the Punisher movie from 2004 and his recent fan film "Dirty Laundry".

ETonline: Well, you shouldn't take it as anyone saying, "We'd appreciate if you could stop acting now." It's more of a celebration of the work. Especially The Punisher, which has become something of a cult classic in recent years.
Jane: Yes, I've heard that from a lot of people. I'm happy the movie has real fans out there.
ETonline: When was the last time you watched it?
Jane: I've never really seen the whole thing. I usually sneak out of my premieres; go in the front door and right out the back [laughs]. I'm not a fan of watching my work. When I was a young actor, I watched myself so I could figure out what kind of animal I was. Billy Bob Thornton told me every actor needs to figure out what kind of animal they are so they can be that animal, but I don't think I've figured that out yet. I guess I want to be all the animals.
ETonline: What do you recall from making The Punisher?
Jane: It was hard, but rewarding. We didn't have any problems making the movie, although we tried to make Tampa look as menacing as it could ... which was troubling at times. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time in Florida, but creatively I wasn't a fan of making The Punisher in Florida. I never thought that went together very well. I thought there were better places for us to shoot the thing, but once I was down there, everyone was so great.

ETonline: Last year you reprised the role in a super dark online short, Dirty Laundry (watch below). What fueled that?
Jane: I'd been talking about my vision of The Punisher for years, and I finally hit on the idea of a short film that could show people my ideas. Then it became about finding the perfect guys to bring that vision to life, for me, the ideal guy was Phil Joanou. I happened to have met him a few months prior to landing on this idea, so he was the first guy I called. He really got on board. Chad St. John wrote my favorite script I've ever read called Motor City, which was basically a 100 page action film with no dialogue. It was a piece of brilliance, so we hatched what became Dirty Laundry, which was very satisfying because I didn't have to explain very much what I was talking about. We all liked the same stuff, had the same reference points and it was a great lesson for me. The success of it was vindicating. It felt good that my version of the character resonated with people.

ETonline: Can you envision playing Frank Castle ever again?
Jane: It was sort of my farewell to the character. I just wanted to get that out.

For the full interview click here

Saturday, March 9, 2013

PC POST #125: Punisher Vs. (series) Tributes by cat7975

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I would like to present you more Punisher tributes, this time by cat7975. Feel free to comment on his youtube channel.

I have announced his first video on a late post link

Now to a more recent tributes!

Episode 2: Vs Captain America

Episode 3: Vs. Daredevil

Episode 4: Vs. Spider-Man (Battle 2)

Episode 5: Vs. Daredevil ( Battle 2)

Episode 6: Vs. Spider-Man ( Battle 3) and Nightcrawler

Episode 7: Vs. Spider-Man (Battle 4)

Episode 8: Vs. Jigsaw

That's it for now keep them coming cat7975! Great Work!

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PC POST #124: Thunderbolts #6 preview

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Here comes the next preview of the upcoming issue of Thunderbolts!

Next week in 13th May.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PC POST #123: Iron Man: Rise of Technovore 2nd Trailer

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A second trailer for this animation was released yesterday with 1:08 minutes with a good animation and kick ass action, i hope you enjoy it.

Release date for this animation is 16/04/2013 in Blu-ray and DVD.

Monday, March 4, 2013

PC POST #122: Thunderbolts #7 preview

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The art seems amazing!! I really hope this book improves in this arc.

PC POST #121: Character Designs - Unreleased PUNISHER 2 game

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It seems that THQ were thinking of developing a new Punisher 2 game, after the success of the first title i ask myself why didn't they release this game!

The art looks amazing! 

SHIELD male soldier

Link for the article: comicbookmovie
This info was found by javi16 in GPA Boards