Friday, March 22, 2013

PC POST #130: Thunderbolts #7 Preview

posted by @ivomgs

Next week we got Thunderbolts #7 with Phil Noto's art! This drawings looks very smooth.

I hope the story keeps improving and i want more action in the upcoming arc!

Thunderbolts #7 preview



  1. "I talked to him last night. And this morning."

    Hehehehe! They did it out in the woods, so does that mean they did it again at night and in the morning? If so they must be really going at it… and more to come. These two are the only reason why I’m interested in this.

    To me, these two just work. I’m surprised the Punisher and Elektra never met during the 90’s when the Punisher was unfortunately appearing everywhere. There both ruthless anti-hero killers, there both the silent straight face serious type, they’ve never been enemies, they don’t treat each other like crap, they can joke with each other (in there own way) and they don’t have a problem with killing. With these similarities and having very little contact with each other over the years… I would love to see a team-up of these two. The criminal underworld wouldn’t know what hit them.

  2. I agree with you, these two together as a team would be great! I hope Way knows how to do it.

    Unfortunately these two only met in Garth Ennis run back into Punisher - Marvel Knights... That story leave us some hint about these two. That issue ended with Frank asking Elektra to a date.

  3. That's right
    Thoughts: "Damaged goods, no doubt about it. Likes killing people. Completely insane. Never thought I’d meet anyone quite like her. About to take my life in my hands. Then again, I do that every day."
    Dialog: "Wait. You want to have dinner tomorrow night?"