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PC POST #127: Thunderbolts #6 Review

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For this review i will change the layout and trying to avoid all kinds of spoilers the best i can.

Thunderbolts #6 review

(W) Daniel Way
(A) Steve Dillon

After reading this issue, finally some things made some sense. I believe that this mission in Kata Jawa wasn't enough "excuse" for Ross to build this team, he could pretty well handle this by himself in my opinion.

The synergy between Frank and Wade was very entertaining and the line "Take that to the bank, Frank" was hilarious, finally i got some laugh by Deadpool lines.

Finally we know why the Leader were so important and why Ross choose to Kata Jawa, in the end it made some sense.

To conclude, i think Madman could give more trouble for the team but how the Leader deal with him was fine by me. I wanted to see more in battle from Madman and the others. Still there is something left to be explained: Why Ross wanted Elektra to be captured and why he revert to his human form while reviving the Leader with gamma power...

I will continue to follow this run but i hope the action and the plot improves a bit more in the next arc.

PLOT: 3/5
ART: 3/5



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