Thursday, March 28, 2013

PC POST #132: Thunderbolts #7 Review

post by @Ivo

Thunderbolts #7 

After the events of Kata Jaya, the Thunderbolts will go after "something" that Madman built on the island by submarine.

In the beggining of this comic we get some hint about CIA picking up some other activity besides the Thunderbolts and we see some folk from CIA talking with Captain America and asking him if he wants to take some credit about it. At this time we got a sense that sooner or later the Avengers and Thunderbolts might confront with each other in the future.

At the submarine we "sense" the environment is a little tense because of the "love triangle" (Punisher, Elektra and Deadpool). Ross knows about this and confronts Frank about it. While he was training in some kind of simulator and beating all kinds of Marvel villains ( really cool stuff).

Then we see Deadpool talking with the team except the Red Hulk and planning on attack him, they know that Ross didn't told them everything about this mission so they agree on forcing him to talk. Their plans went wrong and we see them in one page already beaten up, all over the place.

Ross told them that they are after some gamma bombs and they need to locate three brokers ( some people that Ross has been involved in the past. We know at the end of this issue that these people facilitated the purchase, transport and delivery of military grade ordnance to every major terrorist organization worldwide. Someone off panel has already capture these brokers and give them two choices: submission or death. Then we see some Dynamo machines gamma powered.

Good Stuff:

I think this issue was a major improvement comparing to the last issues, it was a little slow start but i believe that will lead to something bigger;

Daniel Way is doing a great job with the characters;

Phil Noto's art is amazing!;

This arc seems to be more interesting than the previous at least i felt that;

The Leader is becoming an interesting character, everyone one picking on him, but i like him;

The Punisher training in the simulator and fighting some Marvel villains was very interesting ( fanboy talking).

Need to be improved:

All the soap opera about Punisher-Elektra-Deadpool is a bit annoying i can understand why Daniel Way is doing it but i don't feel quite right about the relevance this will have for the story itself.

Attacking Ross wasn't a good idea, but at least i expected some panels with this fight. I know there wasn't anything special to see but it would be great seeing some action even if i saw my favorite character getting beaten up. Which we all saw the result.

We are constantly "traveling" to the past to explain something that is happen in the present and sometimes at least for me it turns out to be a bit confusing. When things could be more simple if explained in the correct order.

Either way this book will get my attention and it has everything to be succeeded.



  1. Good review Bionder!! I agree that this issue is an improvement. Good observations on your part!

  2. You people need to stop calling this a "love triangle"... I mean do you even know what that means? Because a love triangle involves a person that is torn between two people... but Elektra has already chosen and she made it clear herself (who to sleep with that is). In this case, it's one-sided from Deadpool and that's called an obsession... not a love triangle.

    1. Well, Danial Way himself references it as a love triangle!

    2. Just because Danial Way says it is doesn’t make it so… the guy can’t even admit to a failing comic book. You know it’s bad enough that you people take everything that Rucka says and writes as he word of God with the Punisher that should not be question at all… but don’t do it with Way.

  3. Love triangle is not the correct term, but it's a way to explain. Punisher and Elektra don't love each other, they use each other.

    1. No, it's a terribly way to explain it because its not accurate to what’s been shown at all. Like I said, it's Deadpool's obsession over her. Way and the others can call it that as much as they want and write the completely opposite (sex with no strings attach and the female telling the other to go away) but you don't have to call it that.

  4. And if Way said that this was an was an outstanding comic book breaking sales records... would you believe that too??? I bet you would