Monday, March 4, 2013

PC POST #121: Character Designs - Unreleased PUNISHER 2 game

posted by @ivomgs

It seems that THQ were thinking of developing a new Punisher 2 game, after the success of the first title i ask myself why didn't they release this game!

The art looks amazing! 

SHIELD male soldier

Link for the article: comicbookmovie
This info was found by javi16 in GPA Boards



  1. The PS2 Punisher game was great. This looks like they would have taken in another direction.

  2. This art is killer! WOW! Plus it has Typhoid Mary!!

    I wish this was all in a comic.

    Also, I want a butt like Black Widow.

  3. The punisher 2004 game was wonderful, the gameplay could be better but i like it a lot!

    Liz i bet your butt is fine, you girls aren't satisfied with anything :)

  4. I confirm "the butt" argument on both sides...get it?

    But seriously I would love a new Punisher game since the old one was such a frikin fun title! Why did they not continue work on this!? WHY!?

    1. I just want someone remembers to do a Punisher game in an open world like GTA with side quests and the main mission. I would be so cool!

  5. Sloppy artwork on the Punisher and the Kingpin, it looks like there melting and the skull is too covered up. Don't get me wrong, I love the Punisher video game from 2005 and it's only a drawing of the character.

    "i ask myself why didn't they release this game"

    Maybe that's one of the reasons why THQ went bankrupted... they made shitty decisions like that.