Saturday, March 30, 2013

PC POST #133: Daniel Way says goodbye to Thunderbolts!

posted by @Ivo

Yesterday, CBR has release an exclusive interview announcing that Daniel Way will hand it off Thunderbolts on issue #11 and it will pass the torch to Charles Soule for two issues and on issue #14 a new creative team will take over the book.

Check full interview here

I was quite surprise for this announce at this time. It seems to me that this comic has been improved since issue #6 (the last arc on Kata Jaya) and this last issue was quite fine to me.

Yes, the action was slow during most of this run and this kind of team deserved non stop action but in issue #7 i got the feeling that Daniel Way were somewhat leading us to something bigger that we will see in the upcoming issues. I have to compliment Way in the characterization of Frank with only one complaint. I don't see Frank using an orangutan for shooting practice but i could live with that.

I wasn't a big fan of Way since his "Punisher vs Bullseye" but i think this last issues of Thunderbolts were a bit captivating, i'm expecting a great story in this current arc and definetely more action (please!).

Charles Soule will take over for two issues #12 and #13. In this interview we got an idea that he likes Frank very much, which is very good ! I hope he handle this book even for two issues the best way he can ( i'm sure he will.)

It seems that the Punisher will take the spotlight on issue #12!
Then we will wait for more news about the new creative team on issue #14.

I wish the best for Daniel Way future projects!



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  2. The picture of the Punisher with photos of the other characters in the back makes it look like he’s going to turn on team and target them… which I hope doesn’t happen just to show that he can’t work with others. But it could be just another cover that’s pretty much misleading and doesn’t portray the storyline accurately. But I hope there’s a logical reason to what’s happening on cover #10.

  3. Probably is just a misleading cover

  4. More than likely it will be an issue where we see frank's plans for how he would take down the team in the event they go rogue.