Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Sorry about my absence everyone but I've been very occupied with personal things that I couldn't update the blog or the reviews.
Still got to catch up with the reviews of Punisher #222 and Platoon #5 and #6.
After Frank got outnumbered by the rogue ex-SHIELD agents they did a good amount of damage to the armor and Frank drop into the sea. 
This story told us how he gets back into the "game" with the armor ready to continue the mission.

Matthew Rosenberg doesn't waste time in telling us a good Punisher story with a great pace even when it slows down a bit he recovers the pace in a few panels. It's amazing on how he can deliver such a great Punisher comic without a dull moment.
Matthew's Punisher punishes. Even without the armor. For those who want to see Frank Castle as he is, Matt's didn't forget those fans too. In this issue, he goes around mostly without the armor punishing bad people to get what he wants. 
This arc is getting good and good for those who were skeptic about how good this could be seeing Frank in a foreign country to take down some guy who hurt Nick Fury feelings, well... it is fun. It is fun seeing Frank destroying dozens of military troops who work for Petrov's, smashing vehicles and getting rid of Petrov organization. He could've done it without the War Machine suit, sure... but it would've been tougher and require a lot of prep work. Now, Frank doesn't need to take cover because of bullets. He flies straightforward to the targets with no hesitations.

Guiu Vilanova is doing a great work with the collaboration with Lee Loughridge on the colors. These two set a great theme for this comic book. Sometimes too dark but nothing that could harm the art overall.
The action is very dynamic and very well made. It's bloody when it needs to be and this creative team makes it flawlessly. 
I'm still not a fan of the Punisher being similar to his Netflix counterpart (Jon Bernthal). I still prefer a generic face than a character in the comic that looks like an actor. The cover artist Clayton Crain used to give us high-quality artwork and he delivers it. Great colors, great art, and great dynamic.

Overall Rate: 8.5 / 10 

review by Ivo Santos