Tuesday, March 8, 2016

PC POST #292: The Punisher skull for DD season 2 is finally revealed!

The wait is over! Personally i thought that i was going to wait until the end of season to see the Punisher skull, but Netflix released it today!

Yesterday it was seen a Daredevil promo in the streets of Toronto, of course, it was spotted by fans that spread this image through the social media. In this image we see Frank using a (probably) mini gun with the skull. But the quality of the image isn't the better.

A better look at the banner:

But in the last hour, Netflix released a promo image with the three characters.

Well there is no words to explain this awesomeness and how Netflix crew keeps surprising me everytime they release a trailer, a promo or whatever...
Love the skull, it looks a bit like the Thomas Jane skull but it looks handmade too which it looks like Chechetto's skull.
This is not a shirt with a skull in it. It's somewhat a armor or a vest, maybe from the guy who designed Daredevil's suit. We will definetely see it in the upcoming season in 10 days!


Friday, March 4, 2016

PC POST 291: -REVIEW- Daredevil / Punisher: The Seventh Circle #1


It's been months since i reviewed a Punisher comic and i'm glad this piece came out even if it were digitally.

First of all it was my first time with the Marvel's Infinite Comics and it was very enjoyable, i'm not a big fan of digital comics but this format is really awesome with the panels moving at your command by touching the screen.

You just need to download Marvel Comics App and pay $1.99 or 1.75€. It is a well spent money.

Let's get to the review!

This is a typical Daredevil / Punisher story when their ways of dealing with crime clashes during all this issue and in the first issues we get the all picture of what each one of the characters want.
One to protect the criminal (Antonov) and sent him to a prison in Texas and the other that wants to wipe out his existence from the face of the earth.

This issue had good action and turned out to be a race to know who gets the "prize" first.

There is a great scene in the highway when Frank is chasing the armored car that Antonov with plenty of action and a couple of surprises of Frank's vehicle, his baby is back..

Battlevan fully eqquiped and ready to kick ass is back, and we get a glimpse of his capabilities during this issue.

 Charles Soule respected the Punisher and he has enough prime time in this comic.

Szymon Kudranski did an amazing job in the artwork, i'm not surprised, i have seen some sketches and he impressed me most of the times.
Being this an Infinite Comics, helped a lot the dynamics of his artwork and Kudranski use it at his favor and the result was astonishing.

I'm almost converted into a Infinite Comics fan!

  • The Punisher doesn't compromise;
  • Good action;
  • The return of the Battlevan;
  • Perfect format for Infinite Comics.
  • Could have been a little more interaction between Punisher/Daredevil or Punisher/Blindspot.

Overall Rate

7 out of 10

Despite the rate, this was a really decent comic and has everything to be great in the upcoming issue.