Tuesday, March 8, 2016

PC POST #292: The Punisher skull for DD season 2 is finally revealed!

The wait is over! Personally i thought that i was going to wait until the end of season to see the Punisher skull, but Netflix released it today!

Yesterday it was seen a Daredevil promo in the streets of Toronto, of course, it was spotted by fans that spread this image through the social media. In this image we see Frank using a (probably) mini gun with the skull. But the quality of the image isn't the better.

A better look at the banner:

But in the last hour, Netflix released a promo image with the three characters.

Well there is no words to explain this awesomeness and how Netflix crew keeps surprising me everytime they release a trailer, a promo or whatever...
Love the skull, it looks a bit like the Thomas Jane skull but it looks handmade too which it looks like Chechetto's skull.
This is not a shirt with a skull in it. It's somewhat a armor or a vest, maybe from the guy who designed Daredevil's suit. We will definetely see it in the upcoming season in 10 days!


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