Saturday, March 9, 2013

PC POST #125: Punisher Vs. (series) Tributes by cat7975

posted by @ivomgs

I would like to present you more Punisher tributes, this time by cat7975. Feel free to comment on his youtube channel.

I have announced his first video on a late post link

Now to a more recent tributes!

Episode 2: Vs Captain America

Episode 3: Vs. Daredevil

Episode 4: Vs. Spider-Man (Battle 2)

Episode 5: Vs. Daredevil ( Battle 2)

Episode 6: Vs. Spider-Man ( Battle 3) and Nightcrawler

Episode 7: Vs. Spider-Man (Battle 4)

Episode 8: Vs. Jigsaw

That's it for now keep them coming cat7975! Great Work!

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