Sunday, March 17, 2013

PC POST #128: The Punisher fan sites!

posted by @ivomgs

I will dedicate this post for most Punisher fans that want to stay up-to-date about his favorite character. In the next lines i will post sites when you can talk with the community and gets TONS of information, videos, comics and fan stuff.


GPA (Global Punisher Army) - It's the best forum out there where you can talk about all things Punisher, there is a fine people out there. We will meet you there!

Punisher Body Count - This is the best punisher podcast on the internet, there is two great guys Jake and Dane that will talk about all things Punisher, recently they are releasing two episodes for month and they are streaming the show live!



For cool tributes look or subscribe these channels:

My personal page:

Another page from a cool guy from GPA:


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