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PC POST #139: Thunderbolts #8 REVIEW

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Thunderbolts #8 Review

(W)Daniel Way / (A) Phil Noto / (C) Guru eFX

This issue begins with Red Hulk asking some questions to Henry (Ross's past connection) about Khitrovo (one of the brokers). He gets all the intel he needs then he and him and his army are executed by Punisher, Elektra and Deadpool.

Then we see a guy giving some speech about terrorism ( probably the guy behind the gamma powered machines aka crimson dynamos) and at the end of speech we some girl who is a fan of him asking for an autograph on the book he wrote. We see on the book "EST TCH" because his fingers are hiding the letters which i think his name is Orestez Natchios. Guess who he is brother?

The we see Red Hulk and Deadpool gathering some field ops about the meeting with Khitrovo and Red Hulk asks Deadpool what the status mentally of the Punisher, Deadpool replies that he is loosing it.

We see Red Hulk giving a laptop to the Leader for him to use the satellites to knock the signals of the sat-phones from the terrorists.

Then on the building we see the reunion with Khitrovo and two other guys, immediately we see a girl serving them and Khitrovo giving her some praise about her mysterious look.

On the next panel we see Deadpool behind the Punisher checking on him with a gun behind his back, probably to kill him and someone shot Deadpool, it was Elektra from other building. Ross had suspected that the one who is losing it were Deadpool with his behaviour lately.

Ross command them to attack everyone in that meeting, on the outside we see cars exploding and on inside the girl who were serving Khitrovo is actually Venom, with his morphing powers he undercover himself as a servant girl. We see a cool splashing scene with him, Punisher, Elektra and Red Hulk invading all the building.

Red Hulk goes to Khitrovo asking for the supplier and supply and Khitrovo's receive a call and it is the misterious man, when he is going to answer the call, we see the Leader and a message on his laptop: "incoming signal" and a huge explosion.

So far this was the best issue of all the series, very interesting plot, good action scenes and astonishing art!
I'm very curious to see how Ross will handle with Deadpool, he is the one losing it and put the mission at risk because of some selfish feelings. We haven't seen much of Frank but what we have seen was enough, we got a little of Elektra which was cool. The morphing scene with Venom was incredible, at first i thought he was Elektra but at the end he surprised me.

So let's go to the rating:

PLOT: 4/5
ART: 4/5

Finally this series is getting in the right track, way to go Way & Noto!



  1. Good review. I agree this was the best issue yet. I don't think they will get rid of Deadpool, he is such a fan favorite, but they probably *should* get rid of him, from a tactical standopoint.

  2. When did Deadpool become a fan favorite??? I honesty cannot understand his popular or what makes him appealing. He's just some annoying comedic character who thinks too much of himself and gives lame jokes like Johnny Cage. And like Cage... he needs to be taken out of the storyline and replaced with someone better.

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  4. Rick Raven, the point I was trying to make is that Deadpool is a popular Marvel character, so I think it is doubtful he will get written out of Tbolts. He is not my personal fave, and apparently not yours, either, although he does not get the reaction out of me that he apparently gets out of you.

    BTW, who would you replace him with?

  5. I don't like Deadpool either, i find him kind of lame. Maybe there is one line or another that are stupid but funny at the same time, but it's not a reason to be in the team.

    For me, i would replace him with Ghost Rider or Blade. THAT would be awesome.