Sunday, April 28, 2013

PC POST #140:T-Bolts creative team revelead!

posted by @Ivo

Great news! Yesterday on CE2E Charles Soule has been confirmed that he will stay to do "Infinity" tie-in and he will stay as the main writer of Thunderbolts. He confirmed that Jefte Palo will be the artist for the first arc.

In the interview we got some insight of the first great "event" of this team and for the info Soule's give to us it seems the team will have some trouble more than they can handle. 

Good times for this Thunderbolts team and it seems they will have an important role in Marvel Universe with this "Infinity" tie-in.

Check the link for the full interview.



  1. I guess the challenge I am having with this run right now is how does this tie-in to the current Marvel u? Is this completely outside of it? For instance, Frank was brought in by the avengers finally and now they are also bringing in Spidey. Would they allow this team to go rogue and deliver their own justice?

  2. Yeah, because comic book continuity errors doesn't exist anymore... oh wait... it does... so stop acting as if this doesn't happen.

    Why should the Avengers even care about them??? There small potatoes compared to others. Oh wait, that's right... there film was a big hit, so they have to be involved in everything no matter how idiotic.

    I hated how Spider-Man went whining to the Avengers to get the Punisher because that boring redhead was going to die in jail (and she just goes right back to killing, making the Punisher giving himself up be for nothing) and the Avengers just do it... somehow they don't have bigger problems to deal with like the fact that Magneto has become a villain again (for the 99th time) and is on the run with others. In fact, last year Captain America ran into Mag and he didn't say anything or do a damn thing to bring him into justice...

  3. Of course the Avengers will notice this team deeds and probably they will face each other.

    Rick Raven - The Punisher wasn't caught for nothing, in a way he responsible himself for Cole Alves errors ( yeah he allowed her to enter in his "war")innocent people died by her hands, but he wanted to give her a second chance. That's it, he was caught and she is out there in LA punishing people. That's how i view things.

  4. When did Punisher fans become so arrogant and greedy? That they feel that Marvel owns them an explanation like continuity errors... if Punisher War Zone wasn't liked at all (I fail to see why it is)... we wouldn't be hearing this