Monday, April 8, 2013

PC POST #135: The Punisher: No Mercy fan film

posted by @Ivo

Great news for our favorite character! These guys are working on a Punisher fan film and by the pictures it seems really cool. Support them by liking their facebook page, There are tons of pictures and more info to explore.

Facebook page:

And click on this link to check further information about this fan film.



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    1. Glad to help Jason, it's only good when we promote our favorite character. So anything we could to help, count with us.

  2. I don’t remember the Punisher being a skinny and bold guy or Elektra looking like she came from the grunge era of the 90’s… and this guy criticizes the other movies and thinks he’s got the superior film that’s going to be more accurate… well there already failing in the looks department. I’m not saying the others were perfect films but looking at there videos (behind the scenes), they look like a bunch of fanboys who think too much of themselves and can’t get past all there idiotic nostalgia.

  3. You sad little keyboard-warrior, how hostile and bitter you sound.