Friday, November 25, 2016

PC POST #330: -REVIEW- Doctor Strange / The Punisher: Magic Bullets #2

Last week it was released issue two of this miniseries that belongs to a new wave of Punisher "Infinite Comics" ( Only digital, for now).

(W) John Barber / (A) Andrea Broccardo / (C) Andrew Crossley

Last issue Frank search for Doctor Strange help on dealing with demonic monsters that were in the mafia restaurant he attacked.

Most of this issue Frank tries to persuade Doctor Strange ( who wants to help) but in some odd way shows some resistance to Frank's invitation.
While in the Fusilli's restaurant looks like some sort of "hotspot" for demonic monsters, a new character appears, Mangrove aka Doctor Hurt. He is the man who will leech the powers of those demonic beasts and transfer it to the Fusilli's brothers.

The Punisher in this story is clearly out of the picture, dealing with demonic beasts is more Strange's department. But i'm curious to see what will happen.

John Barber took the time to explore a bit more of the story, while the cliffhanger we see in the end of the comic give us a hint, that issue #3 will give us the expected fight between the Sorcerer Supreme and the One Man Army against those supernatural beasts.

The art of Andrea Broccardo still has the same quality (great) has we seen in the past issue. My only complaint is the colorful issue but that's the department of Andrew Crossley.
I think this comic should be darker, specially because of the theme.

Barber and Broccardo continue to give us a good ride. The pace of the story did slow down a bit but it was necessary for exploring a bit more of the story.
And despite that this isn't Frank's business, i'm looking forward to see what John Barber will do with character while facing these supernatural threats.

Overall Rate: 7.0 / 10

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