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PC POST #100: Punisher: Nightmare #1 Review

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Hi there Punisher fans, there is no way to celebrate our 100th post in the blog by reviewing this mini series, like was said before it will be a 5 week, 5 comics event. Way to go Marvel.

Punisher: Nightmare #1 (of 5) Review 

Writer: Scott M. Gimple
Artist: Mark Texeira
Colorist: Frank D'armata

WRITING: As a Punisher fan for many years, this is the first contact with the character of Scott M. Gimple and i can say that for the first issue of this mini series his writing is quite nice. Gimple seems to have opted for the inner monologues of Frank Castle which in my opinion is very good to see again in a comic book. This first book is kind of a introduction of this new villain Johnny Nightmare.


ARTWORK: I'm fan of Texeira's work i have been folowing his work on the Punisher since the 90's, all i can say about this issue is that he has done a great job and we should thank to Frank D'armata for the coloring part because he has done a great job too and Texeira's art was benefited from that. In my opinion much better than Space: Punisher.


This story begins with Punisher hunting some thug and punish him in front of others as an example, it was a great way to begin in my opinion. Gimple explain to us how Jake Niman and his family are ambushed in Central Park and get killed by some guy. We got a glimpse of Jake Niman's past as a soldier and his "alter ego" Johnny and we see the Punisher looking for clues about the killer of Jake's family.


ENTERTAING VALUE: It was fun reading this comic, as i mentioned before i like to see the inner monologues of Frank Castle we know that everyone who knows the character don't need to see what he thinks but for me it's good, i like to read what he is thinking. I think Gimple is almost getting how Frank thinks but it's too soon to judge with only one issue, as i have said this was based on Jake's past and Frank's looking for clues about the muder of Jake's family we got some action in Jake's past in the war and Frank hitting some mobs but nothing non-stop action. This was definetely a set-up issue. The art and coloring is a must have for this comic. In my opinion i think the best is yet to come.



*This issue was rated in a scale of 1 to 5.

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