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PC POST #108: Punisher Nightmare #4 Review

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Punisher: Nightmare #4 Review

Writter: Scott M. Gimple
Artist: Mark Texeira
Colorist: Frank D'Armata

STORY (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): This issue begins when the last one stopped, Frank, Dubose and Johnny falling from the building where they were interrogating Dubose before Johnny turned against Frank.
While falling, Frank managed to grab a ledge of a window avoiding direct hit into the concrete. When he reached downstairs he only found Dubose in his last breath he said a name to Frank, Kyle Sarnoff. That name is someone related to Frank's past back into Vietnam.

Johnny is on the run by a cab, while Frank gets some info about his wherebouts... Times Square. Frank gets back to his warehouse and starts to arming up and desguise himself to get Johnny in Time Square. While he is in Time Square some cops spot him and try to bring him in, but Frank subdue them and goes underground. Johnny is in the underground planning to bomb Time Square using C-4 that he grab from Frank's bag while they were falling.


WRITING: Once more Gimple is really doing a great job by characterizing Frank, this time we travel back into one of the tours of Frank back in the 'Nam. Gimple explain to us two important situations back in Nam that are important to this story related to Kyle Sarnoff. Gimple in this issue is exploring about Frank's remaining humanity which is a good thing for me.


ART: Nothing more to add since the last issue, great work by this great team Tex and D'Armata. Only one not so good points. While desguised in Times Square someone walking with dark glasses by night, one travel/sport bags in each hand and the white boots, in my opinion is not the best way to desguise...


ENTERTAINING VALUE: Since issue #3 this mini-series is getting better and better like i was predicted in the last review of this book, in this issue Gimple is exploring Frank's remaining humanity and he is doing a wonderful job linking to some events in his past. I have said that this book could be a good way to new readers start reading the Punisher and its confirmed. It's a fact that Tex and D'Armata are doing a great job in the art of this book but the only downside is related to Frank's desguise in Times Square. I'm glad that this book is out, this will give some hope to all Punisher fans that beside Rucka's there are more writers that can handle this character.

RATING: 4.5/5





  1. I agree and really enjoyed the flashback scenes to Frank struggling in Viet Nam. I am really enjoying this series and am bummed it is quickly coming to an end.

  2. It's very sad indeed, Gimple surprised me with his Punisher... I wasn't expecting too much from him but i'm impressed! Really good mini series i hope Marvel keep them coming because Rucka's run will end in February.