Thursday, January 24, 2013

PC POST #109: Punisher War Zone #4 Preview

Here comes a preview of issue #4 for this fantastic run by Greg Rucka.

It's on sale 30rd January BUY IT!




  1. I got to these late and have to read them in collected tpb's, so I am behind, but this run is EPIC. Rucka has done an incredible job portraying Frank Castle, and I even like the whole Cole storyline. I also enjoyed the issues with Spidey and Daredevil--I love when Spidey tries to interact with Frank with all his yammering and Frank basically ignores him.

    I am reading Thunderbolts and admittedly went into that with a bad attitude. Its better than i thought it would be.

  2. Glad you are liking the Thunderbolts than most of us, i'm expecting more improvement by Daniel Way in the next issues. But i'm not impressed yet.

    About Rucka's run he is doing a great job, like i said before one of the best Punisher i've seen in years! In my opinion it's even better than Garth Ennis Punisher from 616. The problem with his run was just and only the pace of the story, it's good for me but to catch new readers probably not the best aproach in my opinion. This comic should be in top 10 of marvel.

    1. I don't hate Thunderbolts, although it appears I am in the minority there for sure. I also love Garth Ennis. My initiation into Punisher was through Ennis. However, I agree that Rucka and Checchetto have done an outstanding job. Their Punisher is gripping and really moves, its intelligent and the artwork is awesome. I am really angry that Marvel pissed off Rucka!!!

      Speaking of Ennis, it appears his Fury is going to team up with Punisher in February.

  3. Any thoughts on Punisher War Zone #4 review?