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PC POST #99: Battle Van

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We were not a Punisher blog if we did not talked about the Punisher's battle van. Probably the newer fans do not know this van or know their true capabilities.

In the following text we will explain in detail how it was equipped.

The first battle van was created by Microchip his sidekick hacker. Many battle vans were constructed by him because sometimes they were destroyed in various missions. So basically the battle van is the same model the constructed that time by Ford. It had a turbocharged V-8 which reaches speeds of 0-100 mph in 9.9 secs and was equipped for riding on all-terrain. It featured a heavy duty suspension which stood up to the vans using ramps to jump over other vehicles at high speeds while being able to make turns and go around corners like a sports car.

Every battle van was heavily armed, outside got plenty of weapons and the armor was impenetrable by small weapons It could smash and destroy other veichles thanks to the built armor. Ouside it feature the minigun, grenade launcher and tear gas.The only thing that could stop the battle van were the anti-tank weaponry or better.

The battlevan included his own computer system with artificial intelligence, the Punisher could give commands and Microchip could hack other computers inside the van. The Battle Vans were equipped with satellite communication, police scanners, and CB radios.

Sonic weapon to control Venom
Doctor Doom robot getting destroyed.

This time painted in red, showing some capabilites like the K.I.T.T.

Some other capabilites.

More sonic waves.

No grenade can blast this vehicle.

I want one of these.

 I felt nostalgic by posting this but a true Punisher fan should know this, there is many pictures of Battle Van but these is what i remember of showing some capabilities probably there are more... i can't recall right now.

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