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PC POST #96: The Punisher role in the Thunderbolts!

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Here are some hints gave by Daniel Way exclusively to CBR about the Punisher role in the Thunderbolts... Some of us are still cautious about the presence of Frank in this team but Way's tried to clear some stuff to all Punisher fans and for all characters included in this team... I will post some statements of what i think is important for all of us.

"The Punisher is the one guy on the team with no super human or super natural abilities, but if you look at the cover to the first issue there's some changes to his uniform. There's a reason for that and it addresses the fact that he's going to be going toe to toe with some really heavy hitters," Way explained. "He's much like Ross except at a certain point in their careers Frank turned one way and Ross turned the other. Yet Frank remains human and Ross is no longer human. So there are other tactical reasons why the Punisher is there, but the core reason why Ross reaches out to Frank and why the Punisher plays a big role in the first issue is really because of that. He's got a lot more in common with Frank than any of the other people on the team."

 It seems to me that Frank will have a big role in this team
"When Frank has something to say about what they're doing Ross really listens," Way continued. "Another thing is Frank has absolutely no fear of the Red Hulk. I'm not saying the other characters are afraid of him, but sometimes that apprehension comes out in aggression. Frank doesn't get mad at you. He'll shoot you dead, but he rarely gets pissed off. When he clocks in and goes to work it's just business."

"Every member of the team has a sworn mission. They will be working in tandem to accomplish these things. The Punisher wants to destroy organized crime, and Elektra has had a twin agenda emerge through her continuity. For one she's very anti-terrorist. There's also the Hand, which are also terrorists in the Patriot Act era," Way said. "Plus, look at things from the Punisher's point of view. What is the Hand if not a mob in ninja masks? They're running all the same rackets and they use all the same tactics. Look at it from Venom's point of view. The Mob and the Hand both have enemy soldiers. When he signed on to become Venom his mission became taking guys like this off the board."

For what i think about this interview is that the characters will stay "rooted" to their personal objectives which is a good thing, besides the differences they have from each other, being in a team will not serve as an excuse for them to forget their objectives. I think it's good for the comic to treat every character with proper respect.

Full interview check this link 

Issue #2 is out on 19th of December


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  1. Thunderbolts is now one of the most hated titles and it didn’t take long, hell most people hated issue 1 or 2 and have now dropped it after issue 3.

    Daniel Way is a terrible writer (he somehow thought Wolverine needed a son… Daken), Dillon’s style only fits normal looking characters like Preacher and the Punisher… not superhero characters like the Red Hulk, Elektra, Venom, and Deadpool (they look like there from King of the Hill) and most people agreed and thankfully… he’s leaving. But a new artist can’t makeup for the boring shitty writing that’s going on in is this title.