Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PC POST #50: Marco Checchetto's Punisher Skull Exclusive!

By @Neil4LOST

I first off want to say thank you for being willing to do this interview! I am personally a huge fan of your work and I believe that you and Greg Capullo (Batman) are the two best artists in the business today.

I have a few questions that I would love to hear answers from you on regarding your work on the current run of the Punisher.

Neil Byce: How did you first get contacted and involved in working with Greg Rucka on The Punisher?

Marco: About how I got involved into Frank's life... as soon as I have finished working on Daredevil, I had been temporarily “parked” on 8 pages of X-23. Steve was thinking about giving me a Spider-man miniseries, but my work on X-23 was so appreciated by his editor that he wanted me on the Dark Wolverine crossover. During my work on Daken, Steve had called me to ask how it was going and if I had time to do a couple of Frank’s sketches. I did three sketches and one color image in one evening and sent them to him. The day after he answered back with an email that simply said: "I want you... to draw the Punisher for me. Monthly".

Neil Byce: It seems like your artwork on both Punisher and the omega effect are very moody in the colors and atmosphere. What gave you the inspiration to express the stories in this manner?

Marco: The first 4 issues of Punisher is a natural continuation of my work on Daredevil. In issue 5 there is a big evolution in my style less black but more details on the pages. Anyway I love the dark atmosphere and Matt Hollingsworth has one type of color that goes well with my work.

Neil Byce: Why was it decided to have you do the art on all three crossover issues of The Omega Effect?

Marco: They wanted a single artist in the three different issues for the series because Omega Effect is a story in continuity but at the same time "free" from the regular books. The time to do it was very little, but I wanted to do all three issues without the help of other artists. It 's been hard finish all in time, but I'm very happy with what we did together.

Neil Byce: The Punisher skull has so much meaning to fans and it has been portrayed in many ways by different artists. It almost seems like each artist to draw Frank has placed their own take or stamp on the skull. What was your inspiration for your take and why did you draw it the way you have?

Marco: I had asked Steve to avoid the black & white costume and to use an urban and/or a tactic military apparel. In addiction I had sent him some quick sketches showing a new skull drawing idea for the Punisher’s chest. To make a long story short, for me it sounds quite silly that a person like the Punisher has a stock of the same t-shirts which he maybe buys on some web-site as we normally do [laughs]. So I have drawn this skull spayed on a t-shirt, like the scene we’ve seen on the 2004 Punisher movie. The funny thing is that Greg asked Steve the very same things. We both had the same vision of the character.

Neil Byce: Last question :) I have been interested from the beginning of Ruckas series as to how Frank puts on the skull on his clothes. You recently revealed how in the Omega Effect in Punisher #10. I thought that was genius. Can you share what your thoughts on the reveal of the Punisher skull cutout are?

Marco: Well, it was impossible to think that every single t-shirt he did was hand painted, Frank isn't an artist. So I thought the most practical method to do that.... and Frank is definitely a very practical man.

Thank you guys!!!!

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