Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PC POST #59: Punisher Central Partner Sites!

Post by @Neil4LOST

Did you know that Punisher Central had "Site Partners"? 

A partner site is a site that we collaborate with to share content related to the Punisher universe. It can include anything from news and previews to discussion forums and podcasts.

Have you checked out our partners area on the right hand side of our page? You should! We have two new partners to highlight this month.

  • Punisher Body Count Podcast - A great podcast site related to the Punisher U! Stream or download their latest podcast where they do in depth analysis about ongoing Punisher titles as well as have interviews!
  • The Other Murdock Papers - This awesome site is all things Daredevil! As you know, Daredevil is integral to Punisher's history and this site has a crazy amount of details related to their relationship and about Daredevil himself. Catch up on info related to the "Man without Fear" by following this site.
We will periodically be highlighting new site partners to Punisher Central. If you are interested in becoming a site partner, email PunisherCentral@Gmail.com for more information.

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