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PC POST #92: Essential Punisher Vol. 4 - Review

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Before starting my review, I would like to thank for Marvel to continue to launch the collection of Essential Punisher, I hope they continue to release these gems for fans of this character.

 Let's go to the review, here is a book with 586 pages of pure action and with the participation of Mike Baron, Chuck Dixon, DG Chichester and Peter David. The art is one of the most consistent i've ever seen with artists Bill Reinhold, Mark Texeira, Neil Hansen and Todd Smith.

This book contains the stories of the main "Punisher" # 41-59 and annual # 4-5.

Starting with the front cover and back in my opinion is the best combination of the collection, not undoing the previous titles.

Front Cover

Back cover, Sorry about the quality, didn't find any on the net.
Stories like: "Should a Gentleman offer a Tiparillo to a Lady," "St. Paradine's", "The Brattle Gun," "Yo Yo" (yeah, the guy that is an expert of martial arts and has a razor yo-yo ), "Lupe" and "Final Days" are simply fantastic.

As for the annual #4 "Von Stucker Gambit" features HYDRA and a powerful villain named Guillotine and this guy is a creepy one he has blades coming out of his arms! :)

Annual #5 "System Bites" Microchip attempts to acquire information about a company and gets infected by a powerful virus, the Punisher will resolve the matter in his own way.
This book will feature two of the major treats to the Punisher in the 90's : Jigsaw and Saracen.

It's been almost 3 years since Volume 3.

Like any book of the Punisher of the 90's vows non stop action. This was the glorious days of this character that had 3 titles ongoing in that time. The older fans will love this book and the new fans will definetely scream for more of this kind of action. This is the Punisher.

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