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PC POST #119: Punisher War Zone #4 Review

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Finally!! And sorry for not doing this review sooner but we passed some "technical" difficulties already solved and this kind of delay would not happen again.

So let's get back to the business, shall we?

War Zone #4 Review

(A) Di Giandomenico

STORY (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): After Thor left Frank thinking on his acts and fly way, Frank's decided to rescue sargeant Cole Alves and goes back to New York. While the Avengers try to antecipate his moves.
While Frank is in New York he finds a drug lab kill some guys inside and threatened other two give them two punisher vests.
Other cool stuff we see in this story is that Frank manages to find a security breach in Stark building and while Tony is working in some "prison" to Frank he didn't notice that Frank's is right behind him. He takes out Iron Man's suit and goes to criminal courtroom to rescue Cole Alves hitting Spider-Man with a blast while he were secure the area, meanwhile Steve Rogers and Natasha ( disguised as Cole Alves) tried to set up Frank and they got ambushed by the two guys (from the drug lab) dressed as the Punisher after some shooting Natasha captures them.

RATING: 4/5  

WRITING: Rucka's has built a strong story besides this ultra-fast paced limited series don't seem to be his style but it is very well built and very solid. Rucka's accustomed us with high quality writing and he developed a Punisher i haven't seen for a long time.. This is the Punisher i want to see in comic books.
He is tactically brilliant and very calculating, this guy thinks and not act by impulse.


ART: Right now i'm accostumed to Di Giandomenico's art, sometimes his drawing seems sloppy but in this issue he improved comparing to the previous. Hollingsworth is doing a great job at the pencillers part, great colours and give to the characters and ambience some livid images.


ENTERTAINING VALUE: As i said before Rucka as built a strong character to a great story. Personally i wish this story never ended because i will definetely miss his writing on my favorite character. This limited series in my opinion is with the right pace i like fast paced stories specially with a character like the Punisher. I would like to see some detail in Frank's invading Stark building but i believe Rucka has to compress some details and skip forward. Tony will explain in the next issue.



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