Friday, May 31, 2013

PC POST #146: The Dead Can't Be Distracted Teaser+info

posted by @Ivo

For those who aren't aware of this fanmade movie, Mcfarland & Pecci are working on a fanfilm based and inspired in the Punisher run of Greg Rucka. We can see in the teaser that Sargeant Cole Alves will be in this movie too by the visuals and the storyline this fanmade movie has everything to make success after "Dirty Laundry" by Thomas Jane.

Check the teaser for this movie down below:

You can check this alternative link to see the teaser on vimeo

Check these pictures for this teaser:

You can check the official site, Twitter and Facebook.

Stay tunned for more information!



  1. Nobody wants to attempt it, but Greg Rucka simply ripped-off from anything that was popular and called it his own idea. It's sad that the Punisher has to look like a rip-off of Big Boss/Naked Snake (which gets a free pass from fans, any other character who did that and you would never hear the end of it) with a weak boring cliché redhead partner, making him look like he can't fight crime on his own. Is he going to get his ass kicked by Spider-Man and Captain American in his own fan film??? Because that's what happen to him in his book under Rucka.

    A female Punisher... really? Well that pretty much makes Frank as un-unique... that all it takes to be him is to be a soldier with sad background (ripped-off from Kill Bill). Jenny Cesare (are far more interesting female character from Ennis) said it best, that only he can do what he does.

  2. Why do you called it a rip-off? Just because he has an eye patch in his right eye? What about Nick Fury? Is naked Snake/big Boss a rip off of Nick Fury?