Thursday, July 4, 2013

PC POST #156: -REVIEW- Thunderbolts #12

review by @Ivo


This issue marks some distrust by Frank towards Elektra. Frank didn't buy that Elektra had actually killed her brother Orestez in the end of issue #11, so Frank began by himself a manhunt to put Orestez down for good.


This is by far the best issue of the book!! Until now... 

Charles Soule began this issue by telling us a solo story of the Punisher and his crusade to put down Orestez. Through this issue we will look at a methodical, classy and merciless Frank Castle. 
And we are going to see his inner monologues again. ( how i missed those...).

We got some dialogues between Frank and Elektra talking about Orestez and we got a glimpse of a huge distrust of Punisher towards Elektra. Their relationship as "bedfriends" seems to be over.

This issue is mostly the Punisher putting down most of the associates of Orestez down while he is escaping him most of the times until the final encounter. And in the end they fight hand-to-hand ! (how cool is that?)

Just a minor repair, at the beggining of the issue i think that Frank wouldn't bust into a party with so many innocents around him to put a dangerous man like Orestez down, risking the lives of innocents glad it turned out well and there wasn't any casualties. He could have waited a better oportunity, but this option by Soule just gave us some spectacularity to the issue making Frank save inocent lives.

ART - I'm not a big fan of Dillon's work but i recognize that his art improved a little bit when we compared to the first arc. His characters sometimes seemed a little stiff and look-a-like but it wasn't bad at all, i'm getting used to to his art for so many years that the more i see it the more he doesn't seem so bad to me. GURU eFX coloring did their work correctly.

COVER - I like the cover and all his work in this book but sometimes it doesn't have anything to do with issue. The Punisher in this cover seems to be gathering some intel of his teammates. To be a little more accurate this cover should had pictures only of Elektra and Orestez or only Orestez.

ENTERTAINING LEVEL - Solid plot and good wrap-up of the last issue and a very good action like this book deserves. Like i've said many times a book like this should have a little more action than dialogue. That's is what everyone expects with a team like this.


Welcome aboard Charles Soule, i hope you can keep up this wonderful work and give us a thrilling ride that all the fans deserve!



  1. This is what I hate about team books... hardly anyone can get along and work together. I'm not saying that they all need to friends, but Elektra was pretty much the only person there he was able to work with. If Deadpool is out to get him and if Frank can't trust her then there's no reason for him to be there anymore. It would have been the perfect opportunity for him to leave and get back to working on his own.

    And Frank is one to talk... when he thought Maria came back to life, he didn't kill her right away. He only did so when he found out that it wasn't her. In Army of One, he killed a mugger not to save some woman's life, but because he wanted to kill that thug.

    Sorry Charles Soule, but the Punisher can't take her on, even Frank knows that... or should.

    1. I totally agree with your first paragraph.

      Deadpool tried to kill Frank and now he can't trust Elektra. I think the book main "feeling" is this. They don't trust each other, Ross offered a good purpose to each one of them. This is the only thing that can make them hang with each other.

      Right now we have some the following distrust relation

      Venom with Red Hulk & Mercy
      Red Hulk with The Leader
      The Punisher with Deadpool & Elektra

    2. I suppose you could put everyone and Deadpool. After all, Ross set him up and Elektra shot him.

  2. My problem is why wasn't this Frank's default view of Elektra? She was one of Fisk's top assassins. I'd have a hard time believing she was "not guilty", so to speak.