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PC POST #202:-REVIEWS- What if #4 A.O.U & Thunderbolts #25

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(W) Joe Keatinge (A) Piotr Kowalski & Neil Edwards

 Review(spoiler free):

This is another "What if" with Frank being Captain America. Like the name say this is an alternate world when Steve Rogers is dead and the Avengers need a replacement.
But this is not the the real purpose, there is some hidden agenda on making Castle a Captain America... 

We can see Frank kick ass as Cap for a few pages with no guns. Only fists, kicks and guts!
I didn't read anything from Joe Keatinge but i felt the plot a little weak, not to mention the artwork by Kowalsky, sometimes we will see some stupid faces and the suit he draw make Frank look like a goofy thug. The second half of this issue is by Neil Edwards and the artwork improved.
I liked a lot better of the old "What If? Punisher became Captain America"...

OVERAL RATING: 5 out of 10

Review: Good issue! I'm liking where Soule is taking the team in these last two issues. Since i haven't done any review on #24 i will resume what is happening...
Ross gathered the team to look for his lost Soldiers in the jungles of Honduras, he sent these soldiers to look for a mysterious source of ancient power, Ross got a mysterious map but only Leader can red it.

I think finally Soule is handle the team in the right way, in my humble opinion. He abandoned some excessive humorous tone and this is looking way more interesting than before. It's action packed and got interesting character dialogs. The Leader continues to be a sneaky "bastard" and he is definetely trying to get rid of the team, but he is being very cautious.
At the end of this issue we got a very interesting dialog between Frank and Elektra, i get a feel that is getting tired of a bad leadership from Ross.

Still think that Frank is too much a soldier boy. He questions Ross in some options but in the end he always do what he wants, he is limited to following orders. This is one of my major critic that i have to make in Soule take on Frank. In some sort, this limits the character into a one dimensional depth. The other characters in my view are well developed.

OVERAL RATING: 7.5 out of 10



  1. Why does Frank keep getting compared and made into Captain America??? Because of that crappy War Journal storyline a few year ago????

    It seems that they still think that the Punisher and Captain America are able to relate to each other just because they've been in war... sorry, but the clean cut straight arrow WWII vet from the 1940s can't relate to a ruthless vigilante Vietnam vet from the 1970s. Different backgrounds breed a different type of person and solider. They try to show this but they ignore it anyway with Iron Man giving a dumb Saturday morning cartoon speech. It doesn't matter if there's a hidden agenda... it makes no sense either way. Marvel continues to show that they still have no clue on what to do with the Punisher.

    Soule has never been able to write Frank correctly... neither did Way. He goes from a manic who wants to kill things to the good soldier boy who follows orders and both Frank and Elektra are pretty much useless here.

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  3. An alternate world is such a lame excuse for this type of god awful writing. The Punisher should not even be a thought in anyone's head when it comes to who should be the next Cap no matter what the agenda is. The exaggerated excuses some Punisher fans are using for this is not surprising, it never is. Man, Marvel has one hack writer after the other. Give me the Ennis MAX Punisher any day, who pretty much told Micro to go fuck himself, even when he was offered to go after Bin Laden.

    I don't care about Thunderbolts but it seems that I and others are going to be right when we said that Frank is not going to be able to stay on a team. He'll turn on everyone for not being perfect saints.

  4. Unfortunately, it seems Thunderbolts is now on the bubble at roughly 22,000 copies sold monthy. Is there a possibility of seeing the series finish after Frank sticks it to the team from issues 27-30 in August? Too bad, at least Frank's primary opponents are the most popular in Marvel; Spider Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Daredevil which is what marvel has built themselves around.

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