Thursday, May 8, 2014



Review #1: by @neil4LOST

As Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads' series has progressed nicely so far. The story is engaging and has developed into a real nice surprise for Punisher fans. Edmondson has crafted an intricate story that has many moving parts and Gerads has settled right in to put his personal stamp on the character of Frank Castle.

Edmondson's writing in this issue is hit and miss. There are times where it is great and the scenes flow well together but there are others where the decisions with the story seem just plain odd for a Punisher title. The story with the Dos Solos gang teaming up with Electro to cut the power, cripple the cops and to take the city is great but some of the action scenes are off.

Gerad's art continues to excel. His panels and drawing of Punisher in action are some of the best I have ever seen. Some of the scenes that stuck out to me and I was really impressed with had to be a full page splash where a car is exploding in the background and Punisher is directly in the foreground. Another is when Frank is firing his rifle in the rain in the middle of the street at two gang members who are trying to retreat. Gerads draws this scene uniquely in first person as Frank is looking through his red-dot is truly a beautiful thing.

Overall, this issue seemed to cement to me that this will be a slow-burn story just like Rucka's previous Punisher title was. It will be interesting to see how the story unravels as Punisher will have to confront Electro in the next issue and then be able to go after the Dos Solos leader and Howling Commandos. It seems like a lot for one man to deal with but no matter what it should be really interesting!

OVERALL SCORE: 4 out of 5 

Review #2: by @ivomgs 

In this issue Edmondson and Gerads are really nailing it. Everyone who read this issue will be "blasted" by kick ass action and wonderful scenes by Gerads that for many moments i imagine that i was seeing a TV show. This creative team have doing a great job until now and they have been pretty consistent in doing these series. They build up a great supporting cast that i really care about (Sam, Tuggs and Loot) and everyone got his moment in this comic book.

Although i was expecting that Edmondson could reveal more about A.I.M. plans and the Howling Commandos. Dos Soles are being manipulated by AIM, it's a fact, the HC are some sort of sub-plot for other arc but i was expecting some improvements in these matters. This wasn't a let down in any way, but i can feel that this current plot about Dos Soles and Electro is being "stretched" to the limit. I was expecting some showdown with HC's specially since Frank followed Loot to the house when Tuggs were kidnapped. HC's might have other plans more than kill the Punisher, maybe gathering intel in his headquarters? One of the many things positive in this arc is that some stuff isn't predictable at all. 

I have talked about Gerads and there isn't enough words to explain his amazing artwork. He is the "swiss knife" of this book. He isn't only an artist, he is a colorist and a storyteller through his pencils. The colors of the action scenes are great and the panels with "point of view" when Frank is shooting thugs and how Gerads uses it, it's simply incredible.

I couldn't be more happier with this team, they surely understand the character and they deliver it. They know how to build a classic Punisher story but i felt this issue dropped the pace a little bit. The players are ready, the stakes are high. Can't wait to see some wrap up in the final issue!

OVERALL RATING: 8 out of 10



  1. "The story with the Dos Solos gang teaming up with Electro to cut the power, cripple the cops and to take the city"

    Oh great, an outdated Batman scenario. It's a little late for him to be wearing a mask after 30 some years of his identity being known.

    1. youre the dumbest person I know. he is not that old in this comic he hasn't been active that long you stupid pierce of shit. second of all this has nothing to do with batman. its easy to troll but I highly doubt you could write anything decent. btw if you think the punisher was so great back in the early days let me ask you this. why do you think they changed him? if he was great and sold well they wouldn't have. hellblazer had 300 issues cuz it was so great. punisher was no longer interesting so change is necessary if you don't like it become a recluse or better yet just kill yourself no one likes you anyways youre just a run of the mill asshole that the world can do without. you like the punisher? punish yourself dickhead.

  2. Anthony Calm down, i can understand you and agree with you 100% but he is just a troll.

    1. yeah you're probably right it's just the punish was the first character I fell in love with and 129 is always saying something negative on every post and im just tired of it. I just wish we could ban his ass. its people like him who always fuck up great things

    2. He is right Anthony, every time you go off on 129, he wins. That's what he wants from anyone.

      I just can't wait for that new pre-Punisher Vietnam story that Garth Ennis does sometime this year. One of three things will happen: 1) He'll gush about how Garth is the only man who can write Frank, 2) Says nothing or 3) Do a one eighty and trash it so he can keep up his troll rep

    3. Yeah you're right I was just tired of his ass. hey you guys seem cool there's a guy on youtube who does really good grudge matches and analyses characters is really good he doesn't dick ride. one of them is punisher vs redhood his name is perfectmayhem82

  3. I'm looking forward to see the upcoming series with Ennis.
    Unfortunately we can't ban this 1290troll bue we can always ignore him. Let him cry all over in his own corner. Alone.