Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PC POST #208:-REVIEW- The Mega Plush part1

The Mega Plush - Episode I from Matt Burniston on Vimeo.

posted by @Ivo Santos

You probably might think why am i doing this review since this blog is Punisher related but i like to imagine that in the plush kingdom the Punisher has some sort of "representative" and his name is Mega Bear!

This is part1 of this animated series called the Mega Plush. Who is the Mega Plush? They are a group of vigilantes who fights SOC army and his evil leader to takeover the plush kingdom. The story seems quite simple but the animation is one of the best i've seen in years. This series has everything to be a success and due to a fact that any character speaks any language it makes this acessible to everyone in this world.

About this episode, Mega Bear is amazing and... cute. Bad mood, agile, a bit torn (which make me believe he is a veteran) and his steel leg give him an instant badass look. He hunts a poor chimp that belongs to SOC army who runs in fear from him. Mega Bear punish him with a shoot in the leg. The chimp who is injured manages to escape his vision and lead the Bear to a trap and this episode concludes with Mega Bear shooting.

Matt Burniston and his crew did a wonderful job developing this episode and part2 already available with a new character Mega Tiger. The animation is top notch and the storytelling is quite entertaining. One thing that caught my ear is the soundtrack, it's simply epic goodness!

I would love to see more action scenes with Mega Bear like we saw with the Tiger in part 2. I want to know more about Mega Bear and his past. How did he lost one of his legs and why he is all patched up. That get me the feeling that he is fighting for years.

Can't wait for more episodes of this series.


Check out the Mega Plush website for more info about this series:

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