Thursday, July 3, 2014



( May contain spoilers) Here is the conclusion of 2 part story by Nathan Edmondson and Kevin Maurer. These two make a great team developing "military" stories and this one was a really fun read. After the "blast" of issue #7 ( which i gave 8.5 out of 10 in my personal page), this one "sacrificed" some badass moments for the sake of storytelling which is fine by me. I loved some background story about Tom and how Frank had such an impact in his military carreer, one year later.

The best moments in this comic (beside all the action) was the way Edmondson and Maurer showed us some real military drills and tactics. As an ex-military it was very nostalgic to see it. Great team work we see between Tom and Frank and the sense of partnership between the two is really refreshing and make us see more of these two in the future. Thumbs up to Edmondson, because he creates interesting secondary characters that makes me care about them in every issue. I really miss the other characters from the previous arc, specially Loot, the domesticated coyote.

I was expecting some sort of fight between Crossbones and the Punisher but that didn't happen, although nothing is lost because in the next couple of issues Crossbones will still in the game with the crossover between Black Widow and the Punisher. I really hope that Frank can deliver some punishment to this guy, every Punisher fan is waiting for it, some of us for years... Skull vs Skull.

Carmen still delivered some quality artwork like she did in the last issue, i really loved how Fabella and Pallot deal with colors, specially with the explosions. This issue doesn't have so many colors like the previous because most of the action is during the night but they still deliver it with quality. Great job.

FINAL NOTE: This new take by Edmondson for me, has been quite refreshing. I'm still struggling with the old "versions" of the Punisher, he was practically a machine, a dead man inside and he kick ass in almost every issue. I 'm liking a lot this "flesh and bone" and believable Punisher. This was almost a turn of 180 degrees to a almost "hero" version of the Punisher. But i can't get enough of badass moments of Frank like it was on issue #7!

A big thank you for Kevin Maurer he did a wonderful job and to Carmen Carnero and all the artists who worked in this issue. I hope to see you soon!

OVERALL RATE: 8 out of 10


  1. My only struggle is that Marvel has rebooted Frank to be younger although that is my issue and I am getting over it. Frank may not get the chance to stick it to Crossbones or Electro although this version does show he can at least survive against these villains the heros have never completely finished. The action is great each issue seems too short and that is a great thing. Looking forward to Black Widow crossover, thanks for the review!

    1. Glad you enjoy it Derek! I'm still waiting for a rematch with Crossbones next issue!

  2. I feel this comic is imperative to the punisher because it is helping solidify him in the marvel universe with the intusion of multiple other characters of the marvel U. the only thing I think is that frank should have his own nemesis he can not beat other than the overused jigsaw they need a newly created villain like a mercenary or ex-soldier from his military days he left for dead. I feel it sucks deadpool fits better in the marvel U than the punisher

  3. Hey 1290ad your comment was deleted have a nice day! :)

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