Wednesday, December 10, 2014




*WARNING* This review may contain spoilers for this specific issue.

Review by: Neil Byce, aka @Neil4LOST

This issue of The Punisher really felt out of place.

Just when we think we are finally getting a chance to see Frank travel back to Los Angeles to get his revenge on Dos Solos and the Howling Commandos the issue turns into a flashback story that revolves around the sole female member of the Commandos unit. Edmondson tells the story of a close-knit crew who has gone through fourteen missions together and who have spent practically every waking moment together. This works out okay but it really falls apart when we see the group chatting away and making jokes during their top-secret missions. It comes across as unrealistic and juvenile. No professional unit in combat would operate in this manner.

The art also has a different flare from past issues due to the fact that Gerads is not penciling the panels.

This issue of The Punisher actually revived my faith a little bit in the direction that Nathan Edmondson is taking this book in. His absence is definitely noticed. The only character that I appreciated changes in was actually Frank. He seemed much more confident and intimidating than the representation that Gerads has provided in the issues leading up to this one.

Overall, the issue really does not move the story forward much at all and it made me feel that Nathan Edmondson is slowing the development of this story down to a snails pace once again.

OVERALL SCORE 6.5 out of 10

Next issue will be again reviewed by Ivo.


  1. I liked this issue, it didn't unveil too much of the unknown "secretary" but gives us a good insight about the Howling Commandos. They aren't just a regular team, they are the most lethal squad on the planet. Glad that this time they aren't the hunters. They are preys and Frank is going to get them. He will not kill them, personally i hope not, but he will teach them a lesson for being arrogant. They don't deserve to die in my book, they are good soldiers who are being misguided by this so called secretary.

    If i had to give an evaluation i would give 7 out of 10.

  2. I read that Edmondson has planned for an 18 issue story so they wanted this issue to be about present-day military tactics. I think it will now speed up for the next 5 issues and anticipate a resolution with the Mexico chemical weapons attack seen in the 1st issue. Glad it was only 3 weeks in between issues and simply 4 weeks to issue 14. Thanks for the review!

  3. Man, Edmondson is really trying to sell this comic, but he is once again doing a piss poor job of it.