Thursday, January 8, 2015



Another issue is out and one of the most expected issues of this run due to the eminent clash of the Punisher vs Howling Commandos turned out to be a disappointment at least from what i and most of the fans expected.

Overal this issue wasn't no different from the quality that Nathan Edmondson has been showing us through 14 issues which is good in my standards. But i was expecting some kind of payoff between Frank and the Howling Commandos, i was expecting a Frank ready to face these uber special task force since he knows they exist since the end of the first arc. I can handle with the first "defeat" in the end of the first arc but this time not really.

On the other side i believe that Frank has a plan and everything that happened in this issue was for a reason and he is controlling the situation, personally i don't want the Punisher to be decreased in skills just for the sake of a possible "twist", i would rather prefer that Frank could beat the Howling Commandos and take the intel of the threat off their mouths by force and he didn't had to kill them... i can foresee a possible twist and i support this theory thanks to the page 12 of this issue when he asks himself who is the man pulling the strings to everything that happened in this story since issue 1.

I don't have to complaint about the action scenes, there are a few cool moments like Frank throwing a grenade to a guy while he was falling from the building or seeing the Punisher and the HC blowing some thugs invading the hotel. Thumbs up for Nathan and Gerads for the well built scenes.

About the artwork it felt a bit rushed, i'm a fan of Gerads but this issue doesn't seem so good like issue #12. Although like i said before, the well built scenes and how he connects each character to a specific scene is very good he knows how to do it. How he draws the gear of every character is real treat to the eye. The cover is definetely the best to date in this series. If a comic could sell by the covers this definetely should be a bestseller!

Schoonover did a decent artwork in his pages.

My complaint since the beggining is the lack of the "wow" factor in this series. I'm always expecting to see a Punisher that can excel the other characters using his skills and natural talent for waging war. Frank is a genious in the battlefield and a brilliant tactician and until now i haven't seen any of these arguments but i'm hoping to see it, even if it is in the end of this run.




  1. Unfortunately, we get to see Frank get his ass kicked for possible future payoff down the road to meet the defense secretary. Who is it, Frank's old commander in Falluja and why would the defense secretary be responsible for a chemical weapons attack in the middle-of-nowhere Mexico? Not a fan of the howling commandos, who are constantly talking how great they are and questioning at the same time. Like the villain, 2nd Dos Sol brother, really generate some hatred there. I guess this run is 18 issues and should have been condensed into 6 issues to keep readership high and not at danger zone of near 20,000 issues sold monthly. Frustrating and slow like Rucka and last couple issues have a great end. Although, where is my Punisher comic? So, can't criticize to much. Thanks for the review.

  2. Outstanding cover, best since issue #1!

  3. I agree Derek! I wish the quality of this comic was on par with the covers...

  4. Wow... Frank got his ass kicked... again... Nathan Edmondson really wants to be remembered for writing the most weakest and incompetent Punisher in history, he can't even let the guy have a single victory in his own title... as for the cover... it's nothing special at all, as if the mask wasn't stupid and unnecessary, now he's wearing a red marching band jacket...

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