Thursday, March 5, 2015

PC POST #239: MARVEL 1872 feat. The Punisher

posted by @ivomgs

 Apparently Marvel will launch these series during Secret Wars event, more or less like the classic Marvel 1602. Only a few characters are confirmed like Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Punisher, Nick Fury and Kingpin. This will be a Western story but we are waiting for more news regarding these series, until now we don't know if this will be a limited series or a bit more but i will update this post as soon as Marvel is going to release more news. This series will be written by Gerry Dugan and the artist Doc Shaner.

Regarding the Punisher we don't know if this version is related to "A Man Named Frank" one-shot written by Chuck Dixon and on pencils John Buscema that was released almost 2 decades ago but it would be amazing if it was tied with that book.  

Here goes some artwork of Doc Shaner for these series:



  1. Can't wait to see it.

    This won't be related to "A Man Named Frank" however. That story took place in 1910 instead of 1872.

    1. Bingo, "A Man Named Frank," rode up San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt during the Spanish American War/Fillipino Insurrection from 1898-San Juan Cuba to 1913 Moro Rebellion in Mindanao Philippines. If limited series, should be fine. Wouldn't want an ongoing series anymore with other Punishers.

  2. Derek you will see more Punishers during Secret Wars... And this is other alternate Punisher.