Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PC POST #245: Punisher solicitation July 2015 - PUNISHER #20

• With a bang, not with a whimper

Last issue by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads, can´t wait to see how they will wrap up this series...

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  1. "With a bang not a whimper" interesting it appears they not Frank hasn't really been on point and they'll attempt to change that. They'd better not kill him I swear to god.

  2. I hate to say it, Frank was killed off in February 2012 in the PunisherMax series. These re-boots have come out of nowhere with the Rucka's silent Punisher and Edmondson's non-acting Punisher. Edmondson has stated that it will be gruesome so it is possible a terrible end for Frank. With the way Frank's character has been treated since 2012, it will be a relief that different comic universes will have the Punisher, and NOT in a Punisher series. Frank's character is not worthy of his own series, just guest star in other titles due to poor readership and re-boot character writing. Frank is neither silent or non-acting and was worthy of the dirt nap in 2012. Sorry if others disagree but 19,256 copies sold per month is 1-2 issues sold per comic shop and can't be sustained.

    1. Oops 7 copies per shop. Sorry about being a bitter old man although things wouldn't end unless they ended badly.

  3. PunisherMAX is an alternate Punisher. Not cannon. And in my opinion Aaron portrayed a Frank that didn't care for his family and it's wrong. He does, what he does because of what happened in Central Park not in Vietnam with secret bullshit pacts with Grim Reaper.

  4. I may not have liked the devil pact and removal of family although all references to born, nick fury, and valley forge and death of barracuda were referenced. He was old and gave real dates on that tombstone. That was cannon. I just can't consider rucka's and Edmondson 's punisher cannon just average for the run duration with little payoff. 2012 was the real end. If you have issues with frank simply being a guest star in other titles or different universe punisher of the past or in the future (excluding noir) I am all ears to hear of a punisher story idea which can keep readership for a series at 70,000. Maybe a 3 part mini per year that would be fine for how frank has been written since 2012 death.

    1. There is no way a "street level" character besides Batman to have a regular 70k. And if you think that will happen today, your are out of your mind.
      If we talked about this 15 years ago, i would believe that but now it's impossible.

      The Punisher doesn't need 70k, he only needs 30k to keep it up, and let me tell you i have been tracked down the Punisher sales since Ennis is working with the character.

  5. Well Ivo that is just fine. Frank shouldn't have his own title because it is below 19,000 and falling. I will bite and say 45,000 since Issue 1 was high. Have Frank guest star in other titles or a 2-3 mini per year only. Gouge me if you want but no character this formerly popular needs to be bumping the bottom in sales for 3 years without getting rightfully cancelled and since it is hard to watch, end it.

  6. I thought punisher was ending with issue 19?
    Hopefully he's not going to die as a result of 18.
    That's a weak ending. Just like Aaron's.
    Aaron was doing a good run til he went on hiatus for those few months. Then he wrapped it up too quickly, to go work on what, wolverine!?
    This run and the run before I thought was pretty good. Although I had my doubt's when they had punisher with a eye patch and a beard. But it turned out pretty good.
    Of coarse no one has been able to top Ennis's run. But that goes without saying.
    Ennis even blew away the original punisher run. Although the original was great when I was a kid, it just doesn't compare now.
    I heard Ennis is doing a new story of frank in Vietnam. But to my understanding it's just a war story with the main character named frank. Which sounds pretty disappointing.
    Idk if he's going to touch on the whole deal with the devil story. But like you, I was pretty disappointed with that whole concept too.
    Oh well, until punisher has a teenage side kick named styles, make mine marvel!!

  7. Ivo Santos is not only correct that Frank did care about his family, but Aaron flat out ignored Ennis Punisher's storylines and made-up his own. Ennis showed in the MAX line that he wanted to get back to them and even had a dream where they were not killed. Aaron's run was awful from beginning to end.

    Greg Rucka rip-off everything from Metal Gear, Max Payne, Kill Bill, James Bond, made the Punisher weak as hell, made the The Avengers look like they've got nothing better to do and chase down some human, and was only able to come up with a boring female character. Ennis female leads are so far above her in personality, attitude and there tragic past that it's not even funny. The sad thing is that no one called him out on any of this.

    Ennis original Punisher run still holds up today and Ennis is planning on writing about Frank's first tour of duty in Vietnam, he said so himself at a comic book convention. Until the Punisher is back to his Garth Ennis days, Marvel can just go bankrupt again for all I care.