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PC POST #250: -REVIEW- Battleworld #1 "Soldier Supreme"

(Might contain spoilers)

After 24 years, Doc Punisher is back. Somehow Marvel wanted to bring him back for this first issue of Battleworld that didn't add nothing to the plot.

But for those seeking a fun story with plenty of action at least for 11 pages you will have it. I wouldn't recommend this issue for those Punisher fans that are fans of realism because this is a Punisher with the powers of Doctor Strange so, if you are this kind of fans, you should stay away out of this comic.

Let's get to the business, the action of this comic happens in the reign of 2099*.

Doc Punisher is being hunted by the Infernal Four ( Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Hulk and Wolverine). This Infernal Four are evil alternate versions of the current heroes that we all know and they want to bring the Doc Punisher in because he was crossing borders and Doom which is a "God" doesn't tolerate traveling between reigns.
Doc Punisher or Frank is in total control of his body only with Strange acting as some inner voice or like his conscience. Frank knew that fighting those guys or even accepted their request to be judged in the "Deadlands" would be a death sentence but even so, Frank never run out of the fight and try to beat em all up.

Personally, i really liked how Williamson portrait the character. He portrait him like a badass and someone that knows the risks and doesn't run out of the fight. Being this a bit "over the top" Punisher it was spectacular how he handled Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and Hulk. It was really enjoyable how easily he handled these guys using a combo of magic weaponry.
I really liked the fast paced story ( maybe it was a bit too fast), but it fits really well in only 11 pages.

The artwork of Mike Henderson was simply amazing. Since i saw the early previews, i was really impressed and now i'm now convinced how good he is. I didn't knew his work but now, i would like to see him do some more work in a Punisher comic.
I should give some credit to the colorist Jordan Boyd he did a great work coloring this issue.

I will not say that i liked the ending of this story ( for obvious, reasons) but definetely ended like it should have and to me, the objective of this comic was fulfilled. It was really entertaining and enjoyable. Great work of this creative team.

OVERAL RATE: 7.5 out of 10 

*There is no more earth-616 and earth-1610 ( Ultimate Universe) both worlds collide and now it's called Battleworld. Battleworld is divided in reigns and Dr. Doom is the God of this "new" universe.

PS: There will be no review of Ultimate's End #1 because the Punisher only appear in the first page that is set in the present. All the action is set three weeks before of the inner monologue of Frank. It's very likely that we will see Frank again in this title when the action is back in the present.

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  1. The artwork is halfass, Frank is portaged as nothing more than a screaming psychopath and there's no real reason why the Punisher should be involved in this at all. The fact that he's given powers in order to fight proves that.