Saturday, October 3, 2015

PC POST #271: Enter the Outlaw aka Nigel Higgins!


Contest of Champions #1 is almost here and i felt that i need to make an introduction to Nigel Higgins for those fans who don't know the character. In some interviews it was stated that he will be one of the main characters of this book.

Contest of Champions will be released next week in 7th of October, written by Al Ewing and you can check out the preview here.

He is a character that is directly related to the Punisher and i will follow this book and make reviews about his appearences.

Who is Nigel Higgins?

Nigel Higgins in a sentence is a Punisher fanboy. He lives in London and fight crime in his hometown like the Punisher did in New York.

Skills: Proficient in the use of firearms, motorcycles and computers. Uses a kevlar body armor.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs.

The first time he worked with the Punisher was in the "Eurohit" arc, Punisher and Outlaw destroyed Kinpin's plans to make a chunnel to unite Europe's mobs under his rule.

Later on, he appear during "Suicide Run" arc, he traveled to US after heard rumors about the Punisher death, he aided the Punisher during a fierce battle in Pensylvannia against multiple opponents.

His last appearence in a Punisher comic was during annual 7, "Eurohit '94", when he helped the Punisher to get rid of Architect and stop him to remake the chunnel to form a european syndicate.

Until we have a Punisher ongoing, i think i'm going to enjoy to see Outlaw back again after more than 20 years of absence. Specially in what it seems a very entertaining story like Contest of Champions!

See you next week in October 7th for Contest of Champions #1!

by Ivo Santos ( Facebook / Twitter)

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