Friday, June 3, 2016

PC POST #297: -REVIEW- Punisher #2 (2016)

Punisher #2

Cover by Declan Shalvey
Another good week with the second issue of this current Punisher run by Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon.
Punisher is hunting down the criminal organization that is spreading EMC, a drug that can give it's users enhanced strenght, reflexes and insensitivity to pain.

This is a typical Punisher story. The character doesn't need complex plots or anything that can take away the star of the book... Frank Castle.
The Punisher shines in this book, he doesn't talk much, but he let's the guns talk for himself. It's nasty, it has huge body count and kick ass action.
The pace is great, it's entertaining and far from boring. For an issue #2 everything is fine.

So far, Becky Cloonan isn't risking in exploring Frank's psych, he's been wrote as a one dimensional character. But after the end of this issue i bet something will eventually trigger his deepest feelings when he will face the threat that was presented to us at the end of this issue.

Simplicity is the key to nail the character, but i hope that due time things get more complicated. As it seems that it's going to be next issue.

I liked the touch of the name of the frog that appears in this comic, it's Francis ( Frank Castle original name). The frog didn't had any luck in this comic, let's hope it doesn't be a bad omen to the Punisher.

I really liked the showdown between the Punisher with the "enhanced" Face. It wasn't a surprise but the action was great.

Steve Dillon did a great work again in this issue. The action scenes are brilliantly crafted by him. He draws in a very simplistic way but very effective.
The fighting scene against Face was pretty good it's as brutal as i remember of Dillon's work. Not as "cartoonish" like the fight against Bullseye in PunisherMAX.

I would love to see the Punisher using some protection to his chest, walking around only with a t-shirt with a skull goes against the original concept of wearing a skull in his chest.

Frank Martin continues to give a good contrast with colors, definitely he adds a lot of quality in the art of this comic.

What i like:

-Great pace;
-Kick ass action;
-Decent artwork.

What i didn't like:

-The Punisher doesn't seem properly protected in his chest;
- Word censorship doesn't make any sense.

Overall Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Article by @ivomgs

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