Thursday, December 15, 2016

PC POST #333: Deadpool vs the Punisher TPB, new miniseries or collected stories?

According to Bleeding Cool, there will be a Deadpool vs the Punisher coming from Marvel Comics in 2017.
Their source was this Amazon link, which can tells that will be in August, 2017. There is no more news or synopses about this comic.

Fact is that Marvel is doing collections with the Punisher that started this year. The old Punisher War Journal by Jim Lee and Punisher vs Marvel Universe. Next year we will start with the most successful team up between Punisher, Wolverine and Ghost Rider, the two stories ( Hearts of Darkness and Dark Designs) will be released in one trade. 

Two more releases in August, Punisher : Suicide Run and what now it seems a miniseries or a collection of stories of Deadpool vs Punisher.

There are tons of stories that both clash together... most of the times it were only for a few panels. 

We got the first time both encountered in Deadpool ongoing back into '97, issues  #53, #54 & #55 and in the Deadpool: Suicide Kings arc. In both stories we can see Frank fighting Wade for full issues, which leads us to a huge probability of a collected stories. 

On the other side some comic book fans and specifically Deadpool and Punisher fans have been requesting this fight for far too long.

During Thunderbolts or even Punisher vs Marvel Universe we got both characters fight for just a few panels, i think this will not be enough to fill a book.

Personally i would want to see a new original miniseries, but i will be very happy with a launch of a collection stories with both characters.

Next year will be full of Punisher releases, maybe because of the Punisher series to be released by Netflix, near the end of 2017.

Let's wait for further developments or some synopses of this trade paper back.

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  1. Hey Ivo it's not a collection of stories it will be written by Fred Van Lente with art by Pepe Perez. And it will be set after their escapades in Thunderbolts and the two have animosity towards each other. It will be about a villain who knew Deadpool that Frank targets and the two clash with no hesitation involved as the two hate each other. It's also confirmed There will be NO mind control period. And is said that Frank finds Deadpool loud, and sloppy because of his healing and has no problem squaring off with him. Deadpool sees him as a stick in the mud and also hates him for the Thunderbolts fiasco

    1. Itll be a 5 issue mini series and the first two copies drop in april

    2. Yeah Anthony i'm doing an article to mention that! Thanks!