Thursday, January 19, 2017


Punisher #7 marks the last pages of Steve Dillon, unfortunately he didn't finish this issue but Matt Horak stepped in to end this issue and will replace Dillon's as the main artist of this run.

Becky Cloonan didn't dropped the quality of this issue. But when i was reading it felt like a "filler". There was no huge improvements in the plot or any important events for upcoming issues.

On the other side, Becky Cloonan and Matt Horak built an amazing brawl fight between the Punisher and a few members of the Condor, gritty violence, pure fun and entertainment, almost like a western but with a significant amount of gore.

I think its about time that Face can meet his end and about time to see more action from Olaf (which i believe we will see next issue).

The artwork of this comic was divided by Steve Dillon and Matt Horak. There are five pages of Dillon's in this comic and it really gave that nostalgic feeling that he was born to make this comic. Nothing really fancy but it was really enjoyable to see his last work on this.

Matt Horak did a very good job, the first time i read this comic it didn't felt somewhat "off" but after two more reads it looks good.
It seems that Horak tried to adapt his style to Dillon's, it was expectable and understandable, because of the few pages of Dillon's art in this comic but i prefer that he can make his own design in the upcoming issues. I didn't like the look of Frank's face in some panels.

The bar fight was amazing and very well constructed, without a doubt my favorite bar fight i ever read.

The cover from Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire is a masterpiece like they used to do in this current run. Pretty much in context if it was released last issue but in terms of art it's amazing.

Frank Martin as the colorist did a good artwork, in the brawl fight scenes the splash pages are simply amazing.

The editor Jake Thomas did a great tribute to Steve Dillon in the letters page to a great artist with his own style and great storyteller. He will be missed.

Overall Rate: 7 / 10

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  1. It's believed after book ten Laura Braga of witchblade fame will take over artist duties.

    1. No. It's only for one issue or two. Issue 10 is Matt Horak as full time artist of this Punisher run.

    2. Oh OK thank you for clearing that up. I see why tho.He has a similar aesthetic in his art to Dillon. Obviously he isn't Dillon. But I think in time he'll make it good

  2. Thanks guys! Braga is on #8 and then I take over for #9 onward! There's some gnarly stuff in store!

  3. I can't wait! Thanks for letting us know you're awesome for that bro!!!!