Friday, February 17, 2017

PC POST #341: -REVIEW- PUNISHER #9 (2016)

Punisher #8 is out, with less Punisher but more Agent Ortiz... And it doesn't have to be all that bad.

For those waiting to see a kick ass action scenes with the Punisher, might be disappointed, because there is only one page with him.
But overall it's far from being a boring comic, specially with the art of Matt Horak that gave a great dynamic to the comic with the storytelling of Becky Cloonan.

Becky Cloonan gave a chance to Ortiz to develop a bit more in this comic. It was important, in the past issues Ortiz seemed kind of obsessed with the Punisher instead of putting down the guy responsible for the death of his partner Henderson.
Ortiz is a kick ass character and we can see that in this issue specially in the scenes with Face.

We could have a bit more of the Punisher, sadly we got only one page with a few panels, as a Punisher fan i didn't like it but his lack of appearance was sacrificed with some characters development like Ortiz and Face.

I really liked the artwork, Matt Horak seems the right man to this book, i'm still on the fence about the details of his characters in a distance, but his "close ups" are really amazing and very detailed.
I have to give a special credit to the "crash scene" and the explosion in the Olaf's house. 

Frank Martin, the guy from the "background" is part of the success of Horak's work, like he did with Dillon's. Great coloring and very adequate to the tone of this series.

Decent cover by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, this time i'm not surprised with this cover. In fact it's my least favorite of this series, but hey, it's still a very decent artwork. But to me, not at the same level as for example last issue.

Overall i didn't felt so engaged like the previous issues, in terms of plot, but i liked that Cloonan could develop a bit more of Ortiz and Face. I was very surprised how the house of Olaf exploded, didn't saw that coming... i was expecting a simpler trap but nothing so extreme, specially to put his wife and kid in great danger. 

Let's hope we have more "Punisher" in the upcoming issue.

The Good:

-Good development of Ortiz and Face; 
-Great artwork and coloring.

Not so Good:

- Lack of appearence of the main character in this issue;
-Face is still around, barely, but still is.

Overall Rate: 7.0 out of 10

Posted by Ivo Santos (FB/Twitter)

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