Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PC POST #354: Venomverse War Stories: The Venomized Punisher

It's been announced for weeks that will be a story event for Venom, called the "Venomverse" with Eddie Brock as Venom,

Today it's been announced that we will have a short story featuring the Punisher but Venomized!

After 25 years, we will get to see once again a "Venom Punisher", last time it was during a What if story called "What if... Venom Possessed the Punisher".

It was a great story and one of my favorites "what if stories".As "Venom Punisher", Frank goes hunting down the major crime figures of the Marvel Universe and struggles himself to control the symbiote turning his actions to be more and more violent against villains and heroes.
Great story wrote by Kurt Busiek with art of Luke McDonnell.


Couldn't be more excited to see once again this Venomized Punisher and with a talented artist like Declan Shalvey i can expect nothing less than epic. 

Posted by Ivo Santos

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