Saturday, July 15, 2017

PC POST #360: Punisher MAX: The Platoon teased by the Editor-in-Chief!

The long awaited miniseries was teased in the past few days by Axel Alonso on Twitter. There isn't not much about the comic itself, just a couple of panels with dialogues. But it was pretty cool just to read and tease all the fans about it.

Finally, we will get Garth Ennis back in the game with the help of Goran Parlov in the artwork.
It's been years since they talked about this project and you can learn about what happened and more details here.

We will see an earlier version of Frank Castle. It's the prequel of Punisher MAX: BORN, and we will see a "rookie" Frank Castle in his first tour in Vietnam.

There is no information about the release date of this miniseries, but I strongly believe that it will be released this year.

Article by Ivo Santos (FB/Twitter)

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