Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Matthew Rosenberg continues to impress with this solid story he pulls zero punches when it comes to make the Punisher a bad ass character. Guiu Villanova art keeps improving a lot showing us a more polished War Machine armor on this second issue.

Frank Castle arrived in Chernaya saved an old man named Vakha from being killed by the troops of Petrov's. 
Vakha was a great supporting character, a bit cliché though, but it was great seeing these veterans interacting with each other. For moments I imagined Frank Castle decades before he finishes his "war" (like something like that was possible). But don't know why Vakha reminds me of Frank.

The action of this story was great, most of the action of this comics was the Punisher defending the land of old Vakha from the incursion of Petrov's troops, the funny thing is that Frank doesn't control 100% the armor and he's still learning and improving how to dominate it after a few mistakes especially when Frank is fighting a tank.
A curious fact is the A.I of the armor it's programmed for the previous user and not for Frank it clearly needs some reprogramming for Frank's by the modus operandi. It's hilarious the rant between Frank and the A.I.

The art of Guiu's is getting polished by the issue. The designed of the armor is much better when we compare with the last issue. His drawings are very dynamic and the action scenes very well made. I liked how Guiu focused in what matters while drawing the action scenes, you don't get distracted by the background. Great work Guiu!

About the colors, I'm not a big fan of Loughridge's tone he set for this issue, I didn't like this "brownish" color all over the issue.

The scenario when everything happens had something to do with it but this is the only thing I didn't like so far.

Can't wait to read today's issue THE PUNISHER #220, don't forget to seize your comic book stores!

OVERALL RATE: 8.5 / 10

Review by Ivo Santos


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