Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PC POST #394: PUNISHER: PLATOON is over! But Ennis work with Frank Castle isn't.

Punisher: Platoon #6, was released today and it ended in the best way possible. Still got reviews of issues #4, #5 and #6 to make for the blog but I will keep it spoiler free for you to enjoy the great news below.

After reading Punisher: Platoon #6, I thought Ennis was done with his work with the Punisher, at least for a while. But no! In the letters page, Ennis just gave all the readers some insight of his future plans if they are approved.

"Pretty soon we will see our hero-- on his second tour of duty, now with the Marine Recon-- fighting shoulder to shoulder with the one man who loves combat even more than he does.
Beyond that, I'm talking with the editor Nick Lowe about another Punisher story, a contemporary one this time,  featuring... Well, I may have said too much".

So let's make some sort of breakdown of this statement.

I couldn't be more excited to see that Ennis work with the Punisher is far from being done. It seems that he's born for the character as the time goes by, more and more I believe in this.
Looks like Ennis is already preparing two gifts to all Punisher fans, first, a sequel to the Platoon when Frank enters the Marine recon. Ennis hints us that he will fighting be with "one man who loves combat even more than he does", there aren't many characters in the MAX universe who could share this feeling with Frank, my guess will be a guest appearance of Nick Fury.

The second piece of good news is that we might have a modern story of the Punisher. Ennis didn't unveil details if it's a MAX story or set in 616 Universe but if he's writing I'm on board. Day one.

Written by Ivo Santos



  1. Platoon has been excellent,I'm looking forward to more Ennis Frank. I don't hate the current 616, but I'm no fan of it.

    1. It's perfectly understandable. I'm a fan of everything Punisher. Be set in 616 or in MAX.

  2. If not Nick fury couldn't it bro bullseye? I remember he was served with Frank and was the more experienced soldier when Frank was still young